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Read the story behind Terry Modica’s boot camp below.

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The story behind Terry Modica’s boot camp

Terry Modica podcastingIn the early 1980s, the Holy Spirit spoke to me about building an army of spiritual warriors who could use Christ’s authority over evil to defeat it and rescue those who need conversion. The idea came with such a strong sense of calling and mission that I tried to put together a group of people who felt the same calling. And of course we named ourselves “The Army of God”.

Several people joined. We all knew that life on Earth is a battlefield where demons wage war against God every day to steal his children from him. They shoot down the truth with their seductive lies and take as many captives as they can.

We wanted to fight back and live as victorious Christians, but we got nowhere with the Army of God idea. No particular fruits came from it and after a couple of years it faded away. I know now that it was a prophetic calling not for the 1980s but for the times we are living in today.

There was a time when we could rely on others to protect the Christian culture, to keep the moral values and ways of Christ predominant in our culture. We’ve relied on our priests to preach whatever would keep the body of Christ on Earth strong. We’ve relied on our Catholic schools and universities. We’ve relied on our bishops and popes. But some of them have let us down! And even the best of them could not stave off the wolves that crept into the sheepfold to steal and destroy.

The Armor of God for the Army of GodWhy has God allowed this? Because we have all been called to fight actively on this battlefield. Everyone of us who are followers of Christ have the mission of Christ, which is to spread the ways of Christ into our cultures and around the world. Evil has been allowed to gain so much territory because we have been a wimpy army. We have not picked up, as a united Army of God, the weapons of proclaiming the truth (wielding the double-edged sword of the Spirit). Nor have we as a body taken seriously what Ephesians 6 says about the armor we must wear (see Dressed for Battle: A Prayer to Wear the Armor of God).

The Holy Spirit is speaking to me once again about the Army of God. And it is clear that the time for it is now. God is going to take back territory that has been lost to the devil, including the lives of our family members who have given themselves to the spirit of the age, but God has willed it to be a group effort. He wants all those who truly follow Christ to be full-hearted and full of zeal in doing what we are gifted and called to do on the battlefield.

We each have different responsibilities that have been divinely appointed to us. The mission is the same for all: We serve the Kingdom of God in a united front against the enemy with the blood of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

First, we have to face the facts: We are indeed on a battlefield. The devil has indeed gained a lot of territory. And God does indeed have a plan to push him back and to restore double-fold and even tenfold, maybe even a hundredfold, what has been stolen from us.

My calling as a leader in ministry is to equip, train, and inspire for the battle the people who visit Good News Ministries. And so I am offering a Faith Muscle Boot Camp.

If you’ve been receiving from Good News Ministries any of our resources — the daily reflections, quotes by Saints, videos and podcasts, courses, etc. — we’ve already been equipping you with knowledge about how to live in the ways of Christ (assuming you’ve let the Holy Spirit teach you what he wants you to know through our works). This is a very important aspect of becoming a good soldier for Christ, but it is not everything you need.

We all need to become more than we have been. We all need to become fearless. We all need to function every moment of every day with the courage and holy boldness of the Holy Spirit. We all need to know exactly who we are and how important we are to our commander-in-chief, Jesus Christ. We need to be made stronger where we are weak.

While you wait for this life-changing boot camp of spiritual exercises to begin, be blessed by this episode of Footsteps to Heaven. Listen to it here or download it into your device.

We have given in to the ways of the world – believing lies that Satan wants us to believe – and this is stifling the Holy Spirit. In this episode, I teach spiritual exercises that strengthen what is weak so that you can become who you really are as a believer in Christ: a saint!

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