Blessed Urban V

December 19

Blessed Urban VO Crucified Savior, Blessed Urban V was Pope when the Church was ruled from France instead of Rome.  Though he tried to restore the papacy to Rome, he was forced to return his leadership to France in order to protect the Church.  This gave him tremendous sadness.  I ask him to pray for the situations in my life that have given me a heavy heart because efforts to accomplish Your plans have failed.  Forgive the people, dear Jesus, who have said no to You by returning to their sinful ways.  I trust that You will eventually succeed in Your plans and the new efforts will produce glorious fruits.  Blessed Urban, pray for me.  Amen.

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December 19, 2020 2:29 am

Amen 🙏 praise God! St Mother Teresa of Calcutta says you don’t have to be successful, you just have to be faithful. St Peter Chanel’s brutal martyrdom after years of seeming failure of conversion in the Futuna islands resulted in the entire island being converted to Catholicism after his death because the example of his holiness and kindness was missed – the battle had been long term and we never know who’s watching and what that will lead to! Even those who wandered in the wilderness and never entered the promised land had their divine purpose. We are Easter people of hope that even when all seems gone, all will be well in God’s perfect timing and will. Just like our Messiah came in the most unexpected way to earth, His plans will similarly be beyond our comprehension. His ways and thoughts are beyond ours but He can and will achieve far more than what we can imagine or ask. Jesus we trust in You🙏🙏🙏