July 5

Saint-Anthony-Mary-Zaccaria.jpgOur Heavenly Father, Saint Anthony Mary Zaccaria started out as a physician and then realized he wanted to heal souls as well as bodies, so he became a priest.  He devoted his life to renewing the Christian lifestyle of his parishioners, reforming their morals, encouraging them to work together in ministry, and promoting the frequent reception of Holy Communion.  I ask him to pray for everyone in my parish.  Help us to realize the importance of healing our souls, and inspire us with a greater appreciation of the transforming power of the Eucharist, through which we become Jesus for each other.  Saint Anthony Mary Zaccaria, pray for us.  Amen.

[This is the purpose of Terry Modica’s book on the Eucharist, My Soul Shall Be Healed @ gnm.org/terry-modica-author/my-soul-shall-be-healed]

QUOTES by Saint Anthony Mary Zaccaria

In his mercy God has chosen us, unworthy as we are, out of the world, to serve him and thus to advance in goodness and to bear the greatest possible fruit of love in patience. >>

Before starting your activities, offer Jesus a few words, then during your work often lift up your mind to God. You will benefit much and there will be no detriment to your job. >>

Sanctification means to love God above all things and everything else for His sake. It means to love our friends in Him, and our enemies for Him. >>

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