April 16

Saint-Benedict-Joseph-LabreO Loving Jesus, Saint Benedict Joseph Labre paid close attention to how well his life compared to the holiness You described in the Gospels.  To purify himself, he performed acts of penance every time he committed even the smallest sin.  He loved the Bible so much that he carried it everywhere until the day he died.  I ask him to pray for me to value the Word of God just as highly as he did.  Dear Lord, use it to inspire me to grow in holiness.  Encourage me with its promises.  Direct my steps on the path to spiritual maturity by leading me through the verses that teach me how to live for You in everyday life.  Saint Benedict Joseph Labre, pray for us.  Amen.

QUOTES by Saint Benedict Joseph Labre

If there were only one person to be condemned, each should fear to be that one. >>

God is so good and so merciful, that to obtain Heaven it is sufficient to ask it of Him from our hearts. >>

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