January 24

Saint-Francis-de-SalesLord Jesus, when You told Saint Francis de Sales to “Leave all and follow Me,” he developed a life of devotion to You, self-discipline, prayer, and kindness toward all.  Now he is the patron saint of authors, the Catholic press, and journalists.  I seek his intercession for all writers and publishers, especially those who profess to be servants of God.  Give them the help of the Archangel Saint Michael, and protect them from the attacks of the Evil One who wants to stop their work.  Help them to hear the Holy Spirit’s guidance on what to write and publish, and what words to use that will make a difference.  Saint Francis de Sales, pray for us.  Amen.

QUOTES by Saint Francis de Sales

Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset. >>

However, always remember to focus on God when trying to amend your life, not self. Trust in His mercy. Give Him praise under all conditions. >>

All of us can attain to Christian virtue and holiness, no matter in what condition of life we live and no matter what our life work may be. >>

The more we distrust our own strength, the more we should confide in the divine mercy. This is a balance in which the more the scale of confidence in God is raised, the more the scale of diffidence in ourselves descends. >>

During the course of the day, recollect as often as you can that you stand in the presence of God. Consider what He does and what you are doing. You will find His eyes turned towards you and perpetually fixed on you with an incomparable love. >>

Bearing the image of God in ourselves, all of us are consequently the image of each other. Together we constitute the image of one portrait, that of God. >>

Do not examine whether what you do is little or much, good or ill, provided it is not sin, and provided that in good faith you will do it for God. >>

Do not look forward to what may happen tomorrow. The same everlasting Father who cares for you today will take care of you tomorrow, and every day. Either he will shield you from suffering, or he will give you unfailing strength to bear it. Be at peace,” then. Put aside all anxious thoughts and imaginations. >>

God, who calls us to Him, watches how we get there and will never allow anything to happen to us except for our greater good. >>

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