March 8

Saint-John-of-God.jpgHoly Lord, Saint John of God overflowed with compassion and loved doing good for others.  I ask him to intercede for the people who have been abandoned by society, those who work in hospitals and their patients, alcoholics and others who have addictions, and the dying.  Lord God, send caring people to those who have fallen through the cracks of society, and give renewed energy to those who help.  Touch those who need healing, deliver the addicted, and forgive the sins of the dying.  Help me to respond with heartfelt generosity to opportunities of doing good for these people myself.  Saint John of God, pray for me.  Amen.

QUOTES by Saint John of God

I trust in Christ, who knows my heart. >>

If we look forward to receiving God’s mercy, we can never fail to do good so long as we have the strength. For if we share with the poor, out of love for God, whatever He has given to us, we shall receive according to His promise a hundredfold in eternal happiness. >>

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