April 13

Saint-Martin-IO Holy Spirit, Saint Martin I was the last of the martyred popes.  He devoted himself to being a good and holy leader—an example of Christ for the world to see—in spite of the personal costs.  I ask him to pray for our current pope and for our future popes, that they be pious men, guided by the Holy Spirit, dedicated to the Blessed Mother, and deeply prayerful.  Protect them, dear Lord, against the attacks of the Enemy and the disloyalty of the unbelieving public.  Open the minds of other world leaders and soften all of our hearts to become willing to follow the Pope’s wisdom and guidance.  Saint Martin I, pray for us.  Amen.

QUOTES by Pope Saint Martin I

The Lord has commanded us to shun evil and do good; but not to reject the good with the evil. We are not to deny at the same time both truth and error. >>

As for my body, God will take care of it. God is with me. Why should I worry? >>

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