April 3

Saint-Mary-of-EgyptBlessed Savior, Saint Mary of Egypt was a prostitute who joined a pilgrimage to Jerusalem simply because she liked to travel.  When her tour group entered the church that housed Your Sacred Cross, an unseen force held her back.  Convicted of her need to repent, she realized that her sins had been nailed to the Cross, and her demons fled.  In awe, she went into the church to worship You.  Help me to make a good examination of conscience.  Open my eyes to the sins I have been hiding, rationalizing or ignoring.  Free me from the lies and deceptions that hold me back from accepting Your love.  Saint Mary of Egypt, pray for me.  Amen.

QUOTES by Saint Mary of Egypt

May God defend us from the evil one and from his designs, for fierce is his struggle against us. >>

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