March 14

Saint-Matilda.jpgO My Savior, though Saint Matilda of Saxony married a king, she did not lord it over others.  She often visited the sick and imprisoned.  Her husband learned much from her holiness, taking greater interest in the needs of his people and using his power to ease their suffering.  I give to You, Lord, all those in my life who have the power, authority or wealth to improve the lives of others.  Teach them to become an instrument of Your love.  Help them to become a better disciple of the Gospel.  Create situations that will give them a greater compassion for those who in need and a stronger desire to get involved.  Saint Matilda, pray for us.  Amen.

QUOTES by Saint Matilda of Saxony

When you communicate, desire all the love that any soul has ever had for me, and I will accept your love in proportion to the fervor with which you wished for it. >>

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