June 6

Saint-Norbert.jpgO Jesus Savior, Saint Norbert chose the priesthood because it seemed to be a good career move, but You changed his heart.  A dramatic escape from death convinced him to take his vows seriously, and he began a new life of penance.  He devoted his time to teaching priests and increasing their holiness.  I ask him to pray for all the priests I know, as well as seminarians and all clergy everywhere.  Help them, O Lord, to get rid of any worldly or self-centered reasons for entering the priesthood, and purify their hearts with a greater understanding of the privilege of being Your image on Earth.  Saint Norbert, pray for us.  Amen.

QUOTES by Saint Norbert

O priest! Take care lest what was said to Christ on the cross be said to you: ‘He saved others, himself he cannot save!’ >>

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