March 10

Blessed John of VallombrosaDear Jesus, Blessed John of Vallombrosa chose the name John of the Holy Trinity when he entered religious life. He began to lose his faith in You when he became fascinated by black magic. He practiced it in secret and collected occult writings until he was caught. The abbot-general sentenced him to solitary confinement. This saved his soul, and after the abbot freed him, Blessed John of Vallombrosa chose to remain in the saving solitude of his cell for the rest of his life. I ask him to pray for those who have turned away from Christ through fascination with the occult. Lord Jesus, rescue them. Blessed John of the Holy Trinity, pray for us.  Amen.

QUOTE by Blessed John of Vallombrosa

I have learnt in this dark and long imprisonment, that there is nothing better, nothing more holy, than solitude: in solitude I intend to go on learning divine things and to try to rise higher. Now that I am free from temporal fetters I am resolved, with the help of Christ, to waste no more time. >>

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