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Daily Good News ReflectionsReceive daily reflections on the readings from Catholic Mass and discover the love of God more deeply in your life, texted to your phone. Includes links to access the reflection on our website. Delivered between 5pm and 6pm Eastern US time for the next day’s reading. {{ Join now by Telegram }}

EARLY GOOD NEWS REFLECTIONS: Receive the same as above but delivered 24 hours earlier, {{ Join now by Telegram }}



Footsteps to Heaven

Life’s a journey full of challenges. Sometimes we get stalled. Sometimes we get sidetracked. When we walk with Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit to the destination that God the Father designed for us, the results are better than we could ask for or imagine. This podcast show provides faith-builders based on what GNM founder/author/speaker, Terry Modica, learned from her own journey and what people tell us they’re seeking in their daily struggles. It’s always straight from her heart. {{ Join now by Telegram }}


Saint QuotesReceive a Saint Quote every day to bless your faith journey. Sample today’s blessing. {{ Join now by Telegram }}


Prayer Moments

Short, daily prayer, sometimes by podcast, sometimes by text. Often related to the Good News Reflection of the day. {{ Join now by Telegram }}


Daily Prayers with Saints

Receive a short biography of a Saint every day, with a prayer connected to their patronage, delivered on each Saint’s feast day. {{ Join now by Telegram }}


Faith Boosters

Short, uplifting messages to boost your faith: Christian truths and spiritual “Aha!” moments that apply directly to your life, your hopes and dreams, your heartaches, and your desire to know God’s love more deeply. {{ Join now by Telegram }}


Intercessory Prayer Group

Post your prayer requests and pray for each other. This Catholic group has no other purpose; no other types of posts are allowed. {{ Join now by Telegram }}

RETREATS & Courses

Retreats & Courses

Faith-building series of videos or podcasts from our Paracletia ministry. When it’s a video course, each episode is short and inspirational and requires access to YouTube. {{ Join now by Telegram }}