Frequently Asked Questions
about Good News Ministries email services

We receive a lot of email daily at Good News Ministries, but your needs are very important, so we want to respond to you! Before writing to us, please see if the following information will help you.

Please use our Contact Form.

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To subscribe a new address, please go to our sign-up page

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If you want to unsubscribe or change your email address, or if you want to switch to a different edition or e-list, you can easily take care of this yourself:

  1. Look at the bottom of your e-list email for a link to your profile. Use this to change your email address.
  2. Also the bottom of every e-list email is an UNSUBSCRIBE link. Click on it to remove the old address.

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If mail that you’ve subscribed to has stopped coming to you, it’s possible that your Internet Service Provider blocked it (thinking that we’re spamming you) or your mailbox was too full and the email bounced.

One-day and intermittent failure is usually caused by one of the following:

  1. Your mailbox was too full.
  2. Your service provider had server problems.
  3. A word in our mail triggered an anti-spam filter.
  4. The giant bug in cyberspace ate it up.

Continual failure is usually caused by one of these problems:

  1. Your mailbox was too full for several days and your address was removed from our mailing list. Please sign up again.
  2. If you try to sign up again and you receive a report that you’re already on the list, or if you don’t immediately receive any automated confirmation letter from us, your junk mail or spam filters are probably blocking mail from us.
    1. Set your filters to accept all mail from the domains and
    2. If our mail shows up in your junk or spam folder, select it and choose the “not spam” option. In some cases, moving it to your inbox will do this for you.
    3. Gmail Users: See How to Find Our Emails
  3. If all else fails, your email service provider is probably blocking our mail, because they think it looks like spam. Contact tech support to whitelist our IP address

You can read missed Good News Reflections on our website. Today’s reflection is found at Previously posted reflections can be viewed by using the search tool on our website.

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Ask the Good News Prayer Network to pray for you by posting a Prayer Request.

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Email is not a good means of communication for spiritual direction or theological mentoring. Please talk to your pastor or church office to find a good spiritual director near you, for face-to-face discussion, instead of looking to me for this kind of help.

Sometimes, due to the brevity of a reflection, my meaning is misinterpreted. If what I have written seems to be against Church teaching, please forgive my inability to communicate it clearly. Be assured that if the Lord is challenging you to new growth, you have my prayers. When you subscribed to the Good News Reflections, you subscribed to a Catholic email service that is NOT intended to avoid controversial issues, but it IS meant to challenge. My personal commitment to Christ is that I always share what the Holy Spirit inspires me to share and that I always stay in keeping with the teachings of the Church Magisterium in which I have been trained.

I do not like promoting my credentials (you can see them here), because I prefer that the truth stand on its own, not on any merits that I have. I prefer that the Holy Spirit, not my credentials, is what convinces people to learn what the Lord wants them to know from what I write.

However, be assured that I am well versed in Church teachings and embrace them completely. To stay in keeping with the teachings of our Church Magisterium, I have studied Church documents for many years. I have taken theology and scripture courses approved by the Church. I rely on Church documents to show me how to interpret the scriptures correctly. I read the entire Catechism as soon as it came out and gave courses on it in parishes, always promoting adherence to it. I respect the authority of the pope. I have read the writings of numerous Saints and Doctors of the Church as if they were my mentors and spiritual directors.

We at Good News Ministries are neither liberal-minded Catholics nor ultra-conservatives. We are orthodox and “radical”, meaning we go to the root (which is what the word “radical” means) of our faith.

If my writings ever sound like I’m promoting a watered-down Gospel or compromises with the truth, please understand that it only seems that way due to the necessary brevity of words. I would rather be thrown into the sea (the Gulf of Mexico near where I live) with a millstone around my neck than lead anyone astray! May God put a stop to my ministry immediately if I am not speaking the truth! Amen!!!

Your servant in Christ,
Terry Modica

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Good News Ministries is a faith-based ministry, and we have a team of people who work hard. We can only provide to others what the Lord provides to us. We believe that the Good News should be available to all regardless of their ability to pay. However, we do have bills to pay, so if you can help keep this ministry going, please be God’s instrument by providing with a donation: Please go to

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Good News Ministries will never use your email address for anything other than what you specifically signed up to receive. We will never give away your address to anyone else.

Sometimes we do send extra messages to our mailing lists in order to inform you of maintenance issues regarding our website or the mailing list(s) you’re on, or special prayer requests for our ministry, or special prayers we provide covering urgent world-wide events. We promise to keep these extra mailings rare.

If this FAQ page does not help you enough, explain your request in detail using our Contact Form, and we will look into it, usually within the same day (during normal business hours).