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Good News ReflectionsThought-provoking reflections by Terry Modica on the daily readings from Catholic Mass.

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bulletinThe Good News Reflections are also available for parishes, published for bulletins, evangelization, RCIA, and faith-sharing groups. Please go to Catholic Digital Resources.

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Saints to Inspire You

Daily Saints: Heroes of the FaithDaily Prayers with Saints
Daily prayers for and quotes by Saints who are heroic examples of how we are called to live in today’s crazy and scary world.
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Santos: Héroes de la Fe
Oraciones diarias y citas de Santos que son ejemplos heroicos de cómo estamos llamados a vivir en el mundo loco y aterrador de hoy.
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Weekly Saint Quotes for parishes

Saint QuotesWe provide your church bulletin with inspirational quotes by Saints to coincide with the Feast Days of the week. Each month we will email you a reminder with a link to download the following month’s weekly quotations. This service is free and uses quotes obtained from the Daily Blessings, another one of our free e-list services.

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Other Email Ministries

good news on your phonePrayer Network, Ministry News, Web Courses, Virtual Reality, and more.

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