July 15

Saint-Bonaventure.jpgHoly Spirit, Saint Bonaventure was one of the greatest thinkers of the Middle Ages, exceptionally gifted in his soul, mind, and personality.  I ask him to pray for me to make the most of my talents, my intelligence, and my spirituality.  Help me, O Lord, to take none of these for granted but to strive to put them to the best possible use and to become all that You created me to be.  Show me what You have given to me, and make me uncomfortable when using my gifts for any purpose other than to serve You.  Bless and purify my imagination, my dreams, my goals, and my understanding.  Saint Bonaventure, pray for me.  Amen.

QUOTES by Saint Bonaventure

If we are on fire with longing for our heavenly home in our hearts, we will have no difficulty in enduring exterior cold. >>

In all your actions, in all your words, whether you walk or eat, whether you speak or keep silent, whether alone or in company, lift your eyes to Him as your model. By this you will inflame your love you will increase your confidence in Him, you will enter into a holy familiarity of Him, and you will become perfect in every kind of virtue. >>

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