September 23

Saint Padre PioDear God, Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina experienced the stigmata, ecstasies, bilocation, and the gift of prophecy, because he had learned to free his soul from this world through the practices of fasting, prayer vigils, solitude, and other mortifications that subdued the passions of his flesh.  I ask him to pray for my spiritual development, that I overcome any worldliness within me.  O Lord, help me to live by his five rules of spiritual growth: weekly confession, daily Communion, spiritual reading, meditation, and frequent examination of conscience.  Help me to completely abandon myself to You.  Padre Pio, pray for me.  Amen.

QUOTES by Saint Pio of Pietrelcina

In the tumult of passions and of adverse circumstances, there arises the dear hope of God’s inexorable mercy. Let us hurry confidently to the tribunal of penance where He, with fatherly anxiety, waits for us. >>

Our Lord sometimes makes you feel the weight of the Cross. This weight seems unbearable but you carry it because in His love and mercy, the Lord helps you and gives you strength. >>

Walk cheerfully and with a sincere and open heart as much as you can, and when you cannot always maintain this holy joy, at least do not lose your trust in God. >>

The most beautiful Credo is that which comes from your lips in darkness, in sacrifice, in pain, in supreme efforts of an unbending will for good. It is this which like a strong bolt of lightning penetrates the darkness of the soul; it is this which in a flash of the tempest lifts you and leads you to God. >>

Remember: The sinner who is sorry for his sins is closer to God than the just man who boasts of his good works. >>

In books we seek God; in prayer we find Him. Prayer is the key which opens God’s heart. >>

Oh the souls! if you knew how much they cost!…God runs after the most stubborn souls. They cost him too much to abandon them. >>

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