Saint Peter Fourier

December 9

Saint Peter FourierBeloved Savior, Saint Peter Fourier was ordained a priest and appointed to a parish that was weak in the Faith.  For thirty years he ministered unceasingly to increase the holiness of his people and provide good religious education.  He led them by his own example.  Eventually, his flock became a model parish.  I ask him to pray for the long-term projects and ministries of my church.  Give me and all those involved the stamina and perseverance we need to continue working with zeal and energy.  Renew us when we grow weary or discouraged.  Help the priests remain powerful in their service as our shepherds.  Saint Peter Fourier, pray for us.  Amen.

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2 thoughts on “Saint Peter Fourier

  1. Deacon Reuben R Roybal

    I am a parish deacon, ordained in 2003. There was a time when I received your daily reflections. One use of them that I enjoyed was reading them to the sick and home bound parishioners that I visit at their homes or in the hospital. We used to use them as talking for our St.Padre Pio prayer group. We would like to get that process going

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