Saint Vitus

June 15

Saint-Vitus.jpgPrecious Savior, Saint Vitus worked many miracles in Your name and refused to sacrifice to the gods.  After he was arrested, You freed him from prison with a storm that destroyed the pagan temples, and You gave him an angel who led him back home.  He is the patron saint of actors, comedians, and dancers, so I ask him to pray for the entertainers in my society today.  May those who do not know You, dear Lord, have experiences that lead them into repentance and conversion, and may the Christian entertainers continue to grow in faith, so that this industry is given over more fully to You.  Saint Vitus, pray for us.  Amen.

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Michelle Coutinho
Michelle Coutinho
June 15, 2020 12:43 am

Praise God. Thank you for introducing me to St. Vitus. Never heard of him before. It made me recall a long time ago when I had attended along with my husband a seminude entertainment show at Las Vegas, more out of curiosity. I was so saddened with tears n prayed for all of them. I remember even feeling guilty for paying up this large sum n encouraging this trade in a way. Have been absolved since. I’m today reminded to pray for them again. St. Vitus, pray for us. Amen