Saint Melito of Sardis

April 1 Sacred Jesus, as a bishop and an ecclesiastical writer who understood the tremendous value of Your Passion on the Cross, Saint Melito of Sardis wrote: “He suffered for the sake of those who suffer, He was bound for those in bonds.”   Help me to fully grasp the meaning that Your sacrifice has for …

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Saint Francis of Paola

April 2 O Divine Master, Saint Francis of Paola learned sanctity by separating himself from the world.  He discovered that miracles are the rewards of being attached to nothing but You.  He advised his followers to use penances to detach from sinful ways.  There are many ideas and possessions that I cling to instead of …

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Saint Mary of Egypt

April 3 Blessed Savior, Saint Mary of Egypt was a prostitute who joined a pilgrimage to Jerusalem simply because she liked to travel.  When her tour group entered the church that housed Your Sacred Cross, an unseen force held her back.  Convicted of her need to repent, she realized that her sins had been nailed …

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Saint Isidore of Seville

April 4 Holy Spirit of God, Saint Isidore of Seville was one of the most learned men of his day and has become the patron saint of computer users and the Internet.  I ask him to assist our modern world through his prayers.  O Lord, bless and sanctify how we in our society handle computers …

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Saint Vincent Ferrer

April 5 O God, Saint Vincent Ferrer was a great preacher who converted thousands in several countries.  He often said, “If you truly want to help the soul of your neighbor, you should approach God first with all your heart.  Ask Him simply to fill you with charity, the greatest of all virtues; with it …

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Saint William of Eskilsoe

April 6 Mighty God, Saint William of Eskilsoe worked so hard on his spiritual growth that he developed a widespread reputation for holiness and austerity.  I ask him to pray for my spiritual growth.  Help me, Lord, to become rigorous in my studies of Church teaching and scripture, devoted to understanding Your ways.  Make me …

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Saint John Baptist de la Salle

April 7 Blessed Jesus, Saint John Baptist de la Salle was the “Father of Modern Education” and the founder of Christian Brothers schools.  He made good academic education available to all, not just nobility, and he supported the schools by draining his own wealth.  I ask him to pray for all the Catholic, private, and …

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Saint Walter of Pontnoise

April 8 Dear Father in Heaven, Saint Walter of Pontnoise was made an abbot against his will.  He fled several times to escape the position, and finally went to Rome to give his resignation directly to the pope.  However, the pope asked him to return to his monastery, accept his responsibilities as abbot, and never …

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Saint Waldetrudis

April 9 Lord of Justice, because Saint Waldetrudis came from a very holy family and had a good marriage with saintly children, her neighbors grew jealous, and to bring her down, they claimed that she only appeared to be holy in order to cover up some hidden sins.  Since You knew the truth, she did …

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Saint Macarius of Antioch

April 10 God of Healing, Saint Macarius of Antioch was the first to write a formal creed that described the Eucharist as life-giving.  Since he died of the plague, he is the patron saint for plagues and other widespread illnesses.  I ask him to pray for the people inflicted with today’s most difficult diseases: Corona …

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Saint Stanislaus of Cracow

April 11 Most Holy Redeemer, Saint Stanislaus of Cracow dedicated himself to the formation of clergy, and he became popular as a spiritual adviser.  I ask him to intercede for the priests I know, including those in my parish, and to pray for clergy throughout the world.  Lord Jesus, motivate them to take time for …

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Saint Sabas

April 12 Holy Jesus, Saint Sabas served You as a lector in church until he was captured by heathens.  When he refused to eat food that had been sacrificed to idols, he was martyred.  Make me aware, O Lord, of the “food” that the world offers, which is poisonous to my soul.  Purify me of …

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Pope Saint Martin I

April 13 O Holy Spirit, Saint Martin I was the last of the martyred popes.  He devoted himself to being a good and holy leader—an example of Christ for the world to see—in spite of the personal costs.  I ask him to pray for our current pope and for our future popes, that they be …

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Saints Tiburtius and Valerian and Maximus

April 14 Blessed Redeemer, Saints Tiburtius and Valerian and Maximus were martyred because of the boldness of their faith.  I offer to You the crosses in my life that I am afraid to continue carrying.  Give me the courage and strength to remain with You, my Lord Jesus, in the way of sacrifice for the …

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Saint Hunna

April 15 Blessed Savior, Saint Hunna served You in a simple but meaningful way, using a skill that was common and lowly.  She helped her neighbors—all of them, regardless of status—by doing their laundry.  I lift up to You my neighbors and the ways in which I interact with them.  Help me, O Lord, to …

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Saint Benedict Joseph Labre

April 16 O Loving Jesus, Saint Benedict Joseph Labre paid close attention to how well his life compared to the holiness You described in the Gospels.  To purify himself, he performed acts of penance every time he committed even the smallest sin.  He loved the Bible so much that he carried it everywhere until the …

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Saint Stephen Harding

April 17 Lord Jesus, Saint Stephen Harding found great joy in imitating You through a life of poverty, praying, fasting, and working hard.  When the other monks got tired of such a difficult life, Saint Stephen formed a new community, the Cistercians.  I ask him to pray for me when life becomes a burden.  Help …

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Saint Perfecto

April 18 Dear God, when Saint Perfecto was stopped by Moors who asked his opinion of Jesus, Perfecto explained, “Jesus is the Son of God and the Savior of the world.”  Even though they had promised that he would not be harmed for his answer, they arrested him for blasphemy, then tried him and executed …

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Saint Elphege

April 19 Jesus My Savior, Saint Elphege understood the Passion You suffered for love of us.  During his ministry as an archbishop, his country was attacked by pagans, so he rushed to the gruesome battlefield and redirected the enemy’s attack away from the people.  The offenders burned his cathedral, tortured him and imprisoned him.  When …

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Saint Agnes of Montepulciano

April 20 Holy Jesus, as the prioress of her Dominican convent, Saint Agnes of Montepulciano  served her sisters as if she were serving You personally.  She believed that You—and not herself—was the one who was really in charge of the convent.  In everything she did, she put You first and found great satisfaction in doing …

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Saint Anselm of Canterbury

April 21 Precious Savior, Saint Anselm of Canterbury actively fought against slavery in England, even getting politically involved and obtaining legislation that made it illegal to sell human beings.  I ask him to intercede for people today who are enslaved in some way—in countries where slavery is still accepted, in family members and friends who …

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Saint Theodore of Sykeon

April 22 Lord Jesus, Saint Theodore of Sykeon was a monk and a bishop who worked amazing miracles, including healings.  He put an end to a plague of insects by praying, confidently putting the matter into Your hands.  I ask him to pray for my most difficult situations, that miracles will occur and build up …

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Saint George

April 23 Mighty God, Saint George was nicknamed the “Victory Bringer” because he relied on Your power to defeat evil wherever he went.  Starting out as a soldier in his country’s army, he converted and became a soldier for Christ.  Laying down the world’s armor by giving his wealth to the poor, he forever after …

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Saint Fidelis of Sigmaringen

April 24 O Holy Spirit, Saint Fidelis of Sigmaringen was a lawyer who loved to defend the poor.  Eventually he became so disgusted by his colleagues’ greed, immorality, and uncaring attitudes that he left his practice for the priesthood and gave his wealth to needy seminarians and others.  I ask him to intercede for the …

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Saint Mark the Evangelist

April 25 Heavenly Father, Saint Mark the Evangelist ran away in fear when Jesus was arrested, but after the resurrection and the descent of the Holy Spirit in the Upper Room, he became a writer of the Faith, and he helped Saints Paul, Barnabas, and Peter build the new Church.  Take my fears, O Lord, …

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Saint Radbertus

April 26 Lord Jesus, Saint Radbertus was a scripture scholar who wrote Bible studies, including an in-depth commentary on the Gospel of Saint Matthew.  His most popular writing was entitled, The Body and Blood of Christ.  I ask him to pray for an increase in my knowledge of scripture and for a greater devotion to …

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Saint Zita

April 27 Lord God, at age twelve, Saint Zita was sold to a family as a domestic servant, and she stayed in that position for the rest of her life.  Because of her Christian beliefs, she often gave away her food, and sometimes her master’s food, to those who were needier than herself.  This caused …

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Saint Peter Chanel

April 28 Holy Spirit, Giver of Life, Saint Peter Chanel became a priest at a time when many had lost interest in the Faith.  Assigned to a parish that was spiritually dead, he discovered that frequent prayer and daily Mass kept him from becoming discouraged.  In just three years of working to inspire people to …

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Saint Catherine of Siena

April 29 O My Savior, Saint Catherine of Siena took her faith out into the world to make a difference for Your Kingdom.  She served as a spiritual guide to many, she affected politics, and she convinced the pope to return the Church’s leadership to Rome.  By word and deed, she taught that Christians should …

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Saint Pius V

April 30 Heavenly King, Saint Pius V was the pope who reformed the Church after the Protestant division.  To propagate improved standards, he published a new breviary and missal, he issued a new catechism to help people understand clearly the teachings of the Church, and he promoted the Rosary.  I ask him to pray for …

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