Saint Bibiana

December 2 Blessed Savior, Saint Bibiana lost everything except her faith in You.  Her parents and sister were killed in the persecutions and her possessions were confiscated.  This only increased her desire to rely on You, so the pagans killed her, too.  I ask her to intercede for all those I know who are grieving …

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Saint Francis Xavier

December 3 Dear Jesus, Saint Francis Xavier was sent to evangelize the unexplored Far East.  This was made difficult by sciatica, but he offered up his pain for the mission and he received many supernatural gifts, including prophecy, healing, calming storms, and raising people from the dead.  He baptized more than 40,000 converts.  I ask …

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Saint John Damascene

December 4 Holy Spirit, Saint John Damascene’s father raised him to dislike the games of war and piracy that were popular among his peers.  This helped him grow up to become a priest who was famous for his purity and theological knowledge.  I ask him to intercede for today’s parents and children.  Remind us of …

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Saint Galganus

December 5 Almighty Father, You sent the Archangel Saint Michael to Saint Galganus to lead him to conversion.  After the vision, the unwilling man said that giving up his worldly lifestyle would be as easy as cutting a rock with a sword.  He thrust his blade at a stone, expecting it to snap, but it …

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Saint Nicholas

December 6 O Good Jesus, Saint Nicholas was an archbishop who dearly loved to help the poor, especially young children.  He worked to protect the innocent and minister to those who were wronged.  Eventually, the stories of his kindness evolved into the legend of Santa Claus.  I ask him to intercede for all children, especially …

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Saint Ambrose

December 7 Sacred Lord, Saint Ambrose was called “the honey-tongued doctor” because of his gift of preaching and his reputation as an expert on Church doctrine.  Words were very important to him and he said, “Let no word escape your lips in vain or be uttered without depth of meaning.”  I ask him to pray …

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The Immaculate Conception

December 8 O Sacred Jesus, from the moment of Mary’s immaculate conception, You gave her the benefit of Your future death on the cross.  You granted her the fullness of grace and a life free of the stain of original sin.  You sanctified her womb so that she could carry Your divine presence within her …

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Saint Peter Fourier

December 9 Beloved Savior, Saint Peter Fourier was ordained a priest and appointed to a parish that was weak in the Faith.  For thirty years he ministered unceasingly to increase the holiness of his people and provide good religious education.  He led them by his own example.  Eventually, his flock became a model parish.  I …

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Saint Romaric

December 10 Gracious God, Saint Romaric was a nobleman who became a Christian and converted his estate into a monastery.  Many people were attracted to the holy life he established there and they came in droves to join him.  I ask him to intercede for the religious communities and lay apostolates that have formed in …

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Saint Damasus

December 11 Dear Jesus, Saint Damasus was a Pope known for his genius, humility, concern for the poor, and zeal for protecting the Faith.  He commissioned Saint Jerome to write the Vulgate translation of the Bible and he restored the shrines, catacombs, and tombs of martyrs.  I ask him to intercede for the needs of …

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Our Lady of Guadalupe

December 12 Holy Lord, You sent Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Blessed Virgin, to Juan Diego to accomplish a great work through a simple Indian convert.  She asked him to deliver a message to the bishop for the construction of a shrine where she was standing.  Once it was built, it became a miraculous site …

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Saint Lucy

December 13 Heavenly Jesus, Saint Lucy vowed to marry only You and revealed this secret after her mother arranged a wedding to a nobleman.  When he found out, he had her arrested and tried as a Christian.  The judge sent her to a house of prostitution to desecrate her virginity, but You kept her purity …

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Saint John of the Cross

December 14 Holy Spirit, Saint John of the Cross began helping Saint Teresa of Avila to reform the Carmelites shortly after his priestly ordination.  They formed a deep bond of friendship because they shared the same passion for holiness.  I ask him to pray for me to have friends with whom I can share the …

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Saint Nino

December 15 Glorious Jesus, Saint Nino was a slave who gave witness to the Faith through her piety and gift of healing.  In Your name, she cured diseases, healed a dying child, and restored the queen to good health.  She taught the king about who You are, and when he got lost on a hunting …

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Saint Adelaide

December 16 Beloved God, Saint Adelaide was arrested for being a Christian and kept in near-solitary confinement.  A priest rescued her by digging an underground tunnel to her cell.  He hid her in the woods and brought her food and clothing.  Though she had opportunity, she took no revenge upon her enemies.  I ask her …

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Saint Olympias

December 17 Holy Spirit, Saint Olympias served You as a deaconess and as a benefactor for many Church causes.  Though her husband died shortly after their wedding day, she decided to never marry again so she could devote herself to full-time ministry.  I ask her to pray for the women I know who are involved …

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Saint Flannan

December 18 Blessed Redeemer, Saint Flannan often traveled on long journeys to spread the Good News.  Though he went as a missionary, he considered each trip to be a pilgrimage for the purification of his soul.  I ask him to pray for all of us who are in ministry to grow from the experience.  May …

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Blessed Urban V

December 19 O Crucified Savior, Blessed Urban V was Pope when the Church was ruled from France instead of Rome.  Though he tried to restore the papacy to Rome, he was forced to return his leadership to France in order to protect the Church.  This gave him tremendous sadness.  I ask him to pray for …

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Saints Abraham & Isaac & Jacob

December 20 Dear God, You set into motion the plan of salvation through Saints Abraham & Isaac & Jacob.  You tested Abraham’s faith in You.  He was willing to sacrifice his son Isaac in obedience to You, but You provided a substitute—a ram—as a sign of the coming of the Messiah.  Isaac passed the promise …

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Saint Peter Canisius

December 21 Lord Jesus Christ, You gave Saint Peter Canisius a vision of Your Sacred Heart.  He felt great sadness as he realized that You suffer when Your love is despised, ignored, and rejected.  From then on, he offered up all his work as a sacrifice of devotion to Your Sacred Heart.  I ask him …

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Saint Ischyrion

December 22 Precious Jesus, Saint Ischyrion worked for a magistrate who ordered him to sacrifice to Roman gods.  He refused, even after his master abused him.  When he defended his belief in You, he was tortured and impaled.  I ask him to pray for me when I have to stand up to an employer or …

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Saint John of Kanty

December 23 Loving God, Saint John of Kanty was unjustly kicked out of a university job and reassigned as pastor of a small church.  The parishioners treated him harshly.  He gradually won their trust by taking a genuine interest in them, never growing impatient, and never getting angry at their hostility.  Though he was strict …

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Saint Adele

December 24 Heavenly Father, Saint Adele’s first vocation was as a wife and mother.  She served You well by taking care of her family, praying, and doing works of mercy.  When her husband died, she became a nun and founded a convent.  As its first abbess, she ruled with great compassion and holiness.  I ask …

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A Christmas Prayer

December 25 Sweet Jesus, You were born in a stable on that first Christmas to become divine light in a dark, sinful world.  Your little holy family was full of love, grace, kindness, and generosity.  I ask Mary and Joseph to pray for my family to grow in the virtues that spring from unconditional love.  …

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Saint Stephen

December 26 Loving God, Saint Stephen was one of the first deacons in the Church.  The Apostles ordained him with six others because they needed ministers who would oversee the needs of the poor and the widowed.  His holiness was so evident that when he preached to his enemies, his face glowed brightly like an …

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Saint John the Beloved Apostle

December 27 Lord Jesus, Saint John the Beloved Apostle was one of Your closest friends.  He was the only one who stayed with You until the end.  On the cross, You placed Your Mother into his care.  After You rose, he ran ahead of the other Apostles to see the empty tomb and he was …

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The Holy Innocents

December 28 Blessed Savior, when King Herod tried to kill You by slaughtering the innocent children who were two years old or younger, they became martyrs for the Faith.  Dying before they could experience temptation and sin, they received the glory of triumphing over the world for Your sake.  The Holy Innocents are the patron …

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Saint Thomas Becket

December 29 Gracious Father, Saint Thomas was famed for his opulence and his status as the most powerful man in England second only to the king.  Everything changed when he became a priest to be consecrated archbishop.  He completely turned his life around and began to live piously.  He was soon opposing the king to …

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Saint Anysius

December 30 Holy Spirit, when John Chrysostom was being persecuted, Saint Anysius ran to his defense.  He begged the Pope to return him to his office of Bishop.  As a bishop himself, he convinced fifteen others to stop worrying about possible repercussions and join the cause.  However they could not overcome the emperor’s will before …

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Saint Sylvester I

December 31 Dear God, Saint Sylvester lived through many good and bad events during his long years of service as Pope, from horrendous persecutions to the downfall of the persecutors.  As I think of all that I’ve experienced this past year, I ask him to pray for any loose ends to be resolved during the …

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