All Saints

November 1 Dear Father, You have given all the saints in Heaven eternal happiness and they now live in the fullness of Your glory.  Because of their holy love for You, they also care about me and my family, my friends, my church, and my neighbors.  Thank You for the gift of their friendship and …

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Saint Eligius

December 1 Dear Father, Saint Eligius earned his livelihood as a metalsmith and he performed his skill so well that his reputation brought in a large income.  Dedicating his wealth to You, he used it to help the poor, ransom slaves, and build churches.  I ask him to pray for my family members and friends …

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All Souls

November 2 Blessed Redeemer, as a gift of Your mercy You have granted Purgatory to all the redeemed souls who need purification from the effects of sin.  By expiating their sins in the fire of Your love, they are able to enter into the fullness of Heaven.  I pray for those I have known and …

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Saint Martin de Porres

November 3 O Loving Lord, Saint Martin de Porres studied medicine to cure the sufferings of people.  By entering the Dominican order and growing in holiness, he discovered that You would often heal people miraculously through his prayers.  I ask him to intercede for me to be Your instrument of healing to those around me …

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Saint Charles Borromeo

November 4 O Holy Spirit, Saint Charles Borromeo served as a bishop in a diocese that was plagued by superstitions and other faulty religious practices, but he resolved the problems by issuing wise rulings, instituting them with kindness, and setting an example through his own holy life.  He accomplished the changes despite a severe speech …

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Saint Sylvia

November 5 Dear God, Saint Sylvia was the mother of Saint Gregory the Great, who became a pope.  She and her husband raised their children to live a sanctified life filled with acts of kindness toward others.  I ask her to intercede for all those I know who are raising children.  Holy Spirit, guide us …

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Saint Theophane Venard

November 6 Beloved Savior, Saint Theophane Venard grieved his family when he became a missionary priest in a faraway land.  He never saw them again.  He said, “Whoever loved his home more than I do?  All my happiness on this earth was centered there.  But God, who has united us all in bonds of most …

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Saint Willibrord

November 7 God of Wisdom, Saint Willibrord converted many non-Christians at a very old age.  No aches or disabling illnesses could stop this apostle, and he won many people to the Faith through his cheerful disposition, wise understandings, and genuine concern for all people.  I ask him to pray for the elderly people in my …

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Saint Castorius

November 8 Holy Lord, Saint Castorius was a carver who was commissioned by the emperor to make several statues.  He pleased the ruler with his artistry, but when he was asked to carve the statue of a local god, he refused because he did not want his skills to contribute to pagan worship.  I ask …

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Saint Theodore Tyro

November 9 O Heavenly King, Saint Theodore Tyro was a young soldier in the Roman army when he converted to Christianity.  Though he was ordered to fight enemies of the empire, he believed that the devil was the only true enemy.  Soon, he was killed for being a Christian, thus winning the battle against the …

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Saint Leo the Great

November 10 Loving Father, Saint Leo the Great was pope during fearsome times.  Heathen armies were attacking the faithful in many places and Christians were spreading errors about the Faith.  Yet, he led the Church wisely and courageously, refusing to fear any threat, any difficulty, or any army.  I ask him to pray for the …

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Saint Martin of Tours

November 11 O Precious Jesus, Saint Martin of Tours was raised by pagan parents, but after joining the Roman army he began to study the Christian faith.  When his desire to imitate You compelled him to help a beggar, You came to him in a vision and called him to receive baptism and enter religious …

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Saint Josaphat

November 12 Dear God, Saint Josaphat was a peacemaker motivated by the belief that we should focus on what unites us rather than what divides.  He worked hard to achieve unity between Churches.  Today, there are more denominations than in any other time of history.  I ask him to pray that humble leaders will be …

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Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini

November 13 Holy Spirit, when Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini was a child, she pretended she was a missionary to China as she sailed paper boats on a stream.  Although You eventually sent her west to America instead of East to the Orient, her childhood games shaped her desire to serve You.  I ask her to …

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Saint Lawrence O’Toole

November 14 Holy Jesus, Saint Lawrence O’Toole was an archbishop who spent years working hard for the Church.  On his deathbed, someone asked him if he wanted to make a will.  He grinned saying, “God knows I don’t have a penny in the world.”  He had already given away everything he owned to help others.  …

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Saint Albert the Great

November 15 O Divine Creator, Saint Albert the Great was a bishop who introduced Greek and Arabic science to medieval Europe, raising understanding of botany, biology, physics, and other studies of nature.  A scientist himself, he wrote many books on these subjects.  I ask him to pray for all scientists today, for their talents to …

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Saint Gertrude

November 16 Beloved Lord, Saint Gertrude was a very gifted student and loved every subject except religion.  When she studied philosophy, it began to twist her mind and lead her away from the Faith, so You visited her in a vision and called her back.  From then on she studied Scripture and the writings of …

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Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

November 17 Sweet Jesus, Saint Elizabeth of Hungary was a princess who married a prince.  Concerned for the poor, she donated to them her portion of the prince’s income and then sold her luxurious possessions to give them more.  After her husband died, she renounced worldly wealth, built a hospice for the weak and sickly, …

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Saint Rose-Philippine Duchesne

November 18 Gracious God, Saint Rose-Philippine Duchesne handled very difficult work as a missionary in the new world of America, overcoming many obstacles while opening convents and dealing with the different languages and customs of the people.  She continued to accept these challenges even into her 70s.  I ask her to pray for the challenges …

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Saint Nerses

November 19 Holy Spirit, Saint Nerses devoted his life to teaching both priests and laity to come alive in the Faith and increase their holiness.  He believed that no matter how spiritually advanced a person might be, there was always need for more growth.  I ask him to pray for all those who give parish …

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Saint Edmund of East Anglia

November 20 My Lord, Saint Edmund of East Anglia was a king who was captured by pagan invaders.  The enemy wanted him to sign a treaty that would harm his country and Church, but he chose to die rather than to grieve You and hurt his people.  I ask him to pray for me to …

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Dedication of Mary

November 21 Heavenly Father, the Blessed Virgin Mary was dedicated to You by her parents when she was three.  In the temple, she joined the girls who spent their days praying, reading Scripture, and serving the temple priests.  Her holiness was very evident, and the high priest thought that You probably had great plans for …

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Saint Cecilia

November 22 Beloved Jesus, Saint Cecilia’s parents wed her to a pagan nobleman.  Eager to convert her new husband, she told him about the angel that always escorted her.  He wanted to see the angel, too, so he asked for his soul to be purified by baptism.  The next time Saint Cecilia prayed, her husband …

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Saint Clement the 1st

November 23 Blessed Savior, Saint Clement the 1st knew the Apostles personally before they were martyred.  As pope, he challenged his people to follow their examples.  He said, “We ought to put aside vain and useless concerns and should consider what is good, pleasing and acceptable in the sight of Him who made us.”  I …

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Saints Flora and Mary

November 24 Sacred Jesus, Saint Flora and Saint Mary became friends when both were facing martyrdom.  After they were imprisoned,  they received letters of encouragement from Saint Eulogius, who wrote from the jail where he and other Christians were confined.  The girls pledged to intercede for them after their deaths.  They were beheaded and two …

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Saint Catherine of Alexandria

November 25 Holy Spirit, You gave Saint Catherine of Alexandria the words and the wisdom to convert philosophers who had tried to refute the beliefs of her faith. Today, many teachers of philosophy use their classrooms and writings to undermine the faith of Christians. I ask her to pray for the Christians I know who …

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Saint John Berchmans

November 26 Holy Spirit, Saint John Berchmans was an ordinary young man who desired to become a holy priest.  During his preparations, he loved serving at the altar, praying the Rosary, meditating about the crucifix, and striving for holiness by following the rules of his Jesuit order.  However, he died of illness while still a …

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Saint James Intercisus

November 27 Heavenly King, Saint James Intercisus did not have the courage to profess the Faith during the persecutions because he was afraid of losing the pagan king’s friendship.  His wife and mother, however, challenged him to put God above all his fears, and warned him that his sin could lead him to Hell.  He …

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Saint Catherine Labouré

November 28 Almighty Father, You gave Saint Catherine Labouré a vision of the Blessed Mother revealing an image that was to be made into the Miraculous Medal.  You commissioned her to spread its devotion.  It included the prayer: “O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.”  You promised that those …

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Saint Francis Anthony of Lucera

November 29 Good Jesus, Saint Francis Anthony of Lucera led a life that overflowed with love.  His compassion and aid went to every needy person he could find.  It was he who originated the idea of collecting gifts for poor families during the Christmas season.  I ask him to pray for gift-giving ministries that provide …

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Saint Andrew the Apostle

November 30 Lord Jesus, Saint Andrew was the first Apostle.  He enthusiastically led other people to You, starting with his brother, Saint Peter.  Saint John Chrysostom said in a homily about these saints, “To support one another in the things of the spirit is the true sign of good will between brothers, loving kinship and …

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