Guardian Angels

October 2 Heavenly Father, You have sent guardian angels to relay Your messages to us, to protect us from danger, and to rescue us from the Evil One.  I thank You for the precious gift of these holy guardians that You assigned to me and my loved ones.  O Lord, give us Your help through …

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Saint Gerard of Brogne

October 3 Good Jesus, Saint Gerard of Brogne joined a monastery in order to find a quiet, peaceful place to spend his time in prayer, although he willingly left his solitude to help others become stronger in their faith.  He believed that if people realized the joy that came from praying, they would pray more …

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Saint Francis of Assisi

October 4 Dear God, when Saint Francis of Assisi turned his life over to You, he gave away his possessions, including the clothes on his back.  He discovered that this freed him to experience Your love more fully, so he said, “Let us give alms because these cleanse our souls from the stains of sin.”  …

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Saint Flora of Beaulieu

October 5 Holy Spirit, sometimes Saint Flora of Beaulieu did not like her cloistered life in the convent.  She felt tempted to return home to her family, but she stayed in the order and eventually You rewarded her with the gifts of visions and prophecies.  I ask her to pray for all those in religious …

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Saint Bruno

October 6 O Savior, Saint Bruno knew that cheerfulness comes from serving You with hard work, fasting, and continual prayers.  He said, “Try and you will see how rewarding it is to serve God with all the love of your heart.”  He felt great concern for those who lived in Satan’s grip and didn’t know …

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Our Lady of the Rosary

October 7 Heavenly King, praying with Our Lady of the Rosary holds more power than I can imagine.  It often saved Christian Europe from Muslim invaders.  The Blessed Mother taught three children in Fatima that the Rosary obtains special graces for us, saves sinners from Hell, and protects us from evil spirits.  I ask Our …

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Saint Pelagia the Penitent

October 8 Holy God, Saint Pelagia the Penitent was an exotic dancer until she heard a sermon about a lewd performer.  This sinner, said the homilist, did much to make herself look beautiful but did nothing for Your kingdom.  Saint Pelagia confessed her sin, received baptism, and began a new life.  She is the patron …

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Saint John Leonardi

October 9 Blessed Redeemer, Saint John Leonardi was a priest who was very active in ministry with a special concern for the youth, the hospitalized, and the imprisoned.  He formed a new congregation of priests in honor of the Blessed Mother to increase the fruits of this work.  I ask him to pray for the …

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Saint Francis Borgia

October 10 Dear Jesus, Saint Francis Borgia led an easy life as a powerful nobleman with a great marriage.  After his wife died, he entered the priesthood.  To humble him, his Superior treated him in ways that were opposite of his former life, giving him the hardest work and making him serve all the other …

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Saint Alexander Sauli

October 11 Holy Spirit, Saint Alexander Sauli became a bishop in a diocese where faith had died.  Clergy and laity knew little about scripture and Church teachings.  With the help of three friends, he inspired the people to new faith, corrected abuses, rebuilt broken down churches, and founded colleges and seminaries.  His diocese became spiritually …

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Saint Edwin

October 12 O Jesus Christ, Saint Edwin was a pagan king who listened to a Christian preacher publicly explain the Gospel.  He accepted salvation, renounced his worship of the gods, and commanded his high priest to destroy their altars and temples.  I ask him to pray for all those who today worship other gods and …

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Saint Edward the Confessor

October 13 Blessed Lord, Saint Edward the Confessor was one of the most popular English kings, because he trusted in You and greatly loved his people.  By relying on You, he was able to rule wisely and maintain peace.  I ask him to pray for world leaders and for those serving in my nation’s governmental …

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Saint Callistus I

October 14 Holy Lord, Saint Callistus I was a slave who got into serious trouble because of his violent nature.  While doing hard labor for punishment, he reformed his ways.  Once freed, he became trustworthy and honorable.  Soon he was ordained as a deacon to the pope and eventually succeeded him as the next pope.  …

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Saint Teresa of Avila

October 15 Dear Jesus, Saint Teresa of Avila realized with shock and sorrow that her love for You was almost nil compared to Your great love for her.  She decided to devote herself to prayer and sacrifice, and in so doing, she became a mystical contemplative.  She wrote that if we fully yield our lives, …

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Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

October 16 Lord Jesus, You revealed Your Sacred Heart to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque and promised to provide comfort in our afflictions, peace in our homes, and abundant blessings in all our undertakings.  I dedicate myself and my home to Your Most Sacred Heart and I ask Saint Margaret Mary to pray for my understanding …

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Saint Ignatius of Antioch

October 17 Dear Holy Spirit, Saint Ignatius of Antioch was taken to Rome under military guard after he was condemned to die in the Roman amphitheater.  On the way, he wrote inspiring letters to Christian communities.  Nothing would stop him from carrying out his ministry of preaching the Gospel.  I ask him to pray for …

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Saint Luke the Evangelist

October 18 Our Father, Saint Luke the Evangelist was a physician who helped Saint Paul set up young faith communities.  Because he is a patron saint of doctors, I ask him to pray for everyone in the medical field.  May they see their work as a calling to serve You and become good examples of …

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Saint Paul of the Cross

October 19 Blessed Redeemer, Saint Paul of the Cross had a devotion to Your Passion since early childhood and grew up adoring the Blessed Sacrament.  Before he was ordained, You set him to work forming a new religious community, the Passionists, with the mission of preaching the glory of Your cross.  I ask him to …

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Saint Acca

October 20 Holy Spirit, Saint Acca was extremely learned in the ways of the Faith.  He highly valued education and became a renowned Bible scholar.  He is the patron saint of learning, so I ask him to intercede for all school students.  Guide them in their studies, O Lord.  I also ask him to pray …

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Saint Ursula

October 21 Heavenly Father, Saint Ursula loved children and became a teacher.  She taught them about the Good News and instructed them in how to lead holy lives.  She is the patron saint of Catholic education, students, and teachers.  I ask her to intercede for the Catholic schools in my area, that whatever problems they …

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Saints Nunilo and Alodia

October 22 O Gentle Lord, Saints Nunilo and Alodia were daughters of a Muslim who was a kind man and allowed his Christian wife to raise their daughters in the Christian faith.  After his death, their mother married a Muslim who attacked Christianity.  He had the girls arrested. When they refused to deny Christ, they …

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Saint John Capistrano

October 23 Gracious God, Saint John Capistrano was commissioned by the Pope to unite the kings of Europe against the invading Turks who wanted to wipe out Christianity.  He succeeded by inspiring them to place their trust in You.  Even though Saint John Capistrano was seventy years old, he ran to the battle front and …

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Saint Anthony Claret

October 24 Lord Jesus, Saint Anthony Claret was a priest who believed that the whole world was his mission field, beginning with his own parish.  He gave conferences to priests and founded the Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, now known as the Claretians.  Saint Anthony Claret was convinced that the Church should …

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Saints Crispin and Crispinian

October 25 Precious Lord, Saints Crispin and Crispinian were brothers who promoted Your kingdom by day and supported their families by night as shoemakers.  I ask them to pray for the people I know who would like to do full-time ministry or even part-time ministry but cannot afford it due to finances or other family …

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Saint Lucian

October 26 O Victorious Jesus, Saint Lucian was a devil worshiper who converted to Christianity.  He is the patron saint of possessed people, so I ask him to intercede for all those who worship Satan and have no one to pray for them.  They are surrounded by demonized people—give them Christians who can lead them …

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Saint Frumentius

October 27 Loving Father, Saint Frumentius was called the Apostle of Ethiopia because, as a bishop, he was sent there to spread the Faith.  However, he was captured and taken to the king and made a member of his court. He realized that having such access to the king gave him a better opportunity to …

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Saints Simon and Jude

October 28 Dear Savior, Saints Simon and Jude were both Apostles. Saint Simon was zealous about preaching the Good News.  His partner, Saint Jude, was known for exorcising pagan idols, which crumbled as the demons fled.  Saint Jude is the patron saint of desperate situations and lost causes, and I ask them both to pray …

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Saint Narcissus

October 29 God of Justice, Saint Narcissus was falsely accused of a terrible crime by three of his enemies.  He was saved from an unjust punishment because he had a reputation for holiness and no one believed the lies.  I ask him to pray for me whenever I am slandered or verbally attacked.  Help me, …

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Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez

October 30 Beloved Jesus, Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez was a devout Christian who had to rethink his belief in You when his business went bad and then his wife and daughter died.  Rather than giving up on You and losing faith, he prayed, did penance for his sins, and received the Sacraments more often.  Doing this, …

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Saint Wolfgang

October 31 Blessed Redeemer, Saint Wolfgang was a monk and a bishop who had the gifts of teaching and healing. He evangelized the pagan empire of his country’s enemy in order to reduce the threat of attack.  Legend says that he forced Satan to help him build a church.  I ask Saint Wolfgang to pray …

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