Saint Alphonsus Liguori

August 1 Holy Spirit, Saint Alphonsus Liguori was a civil and a canon lawyer, and he made it a point to always attend Mass before heading to court.  His promised that he would never waste a moment of his life, and held fast to it for over 90 years, even when his rheumatism hurt so …

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Saint Peter Julian Eymard

August 2 Dear Father, Saint Peter Julian Eymard served as spiritual director for seminarians.  As the founder of the Priests of the Blessed Sacrament, a religious order devoted to adoration of the Eucharist, the witness of his life inspired many to join the priesthood.  I ask him to pray for the seminarians and for those …

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Saint Lydia

August 3 Lord Jesus, Saint Lydia was a business woman, a seller of purple dye. Her business did not take priority over her spiritual life, though, and she became Saint Paul’s first convert in Philippi. She even opened her home to him, hosting him and his ministry. I ask Saint Lydia to pray for entrepreneurs, …

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Saint John Vianney

August 4 Blessed Savior, Saint John Vianney is the patron saint of parish priests with a special concern for men who enter the priesthood late in life.  He himself had a delayed vocation, and he managed to get through seminary only with great difficulty.  I ask him to intercede for all the men who have …

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Basilica of Saint Mary Major

August 5 God Our Father, the Basilica of Saint Mary Major in Rome was the first church built to honor Mary as Mother of God.  A Roman couple had promised their inheritance to her, and one night she told them, in separate dreams, to construct a church.  The Pope also had this dream; at the …

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Transfiguration of Jesus

August 6 Dear Father in Heaven, through the glorious transfiguration of Your Son, You verified the significance of Moses and Elijah as fathers of the Faith.  You confirmed our belief in Jesus as the Messiah, saying, “This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased; listen to Him.”   Lord Jesus, I lift up …

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Saint Cajetan

August 7 O Humble Jesus, Saint Cajetan formed a society devoted to helping the sick and the poor.  Although his wealthy relatives criticized him for it, he deliberately sought out the needy and chose to care for the people who had the most disgusting diseases.  I ask him to intercede for people who rely on …

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Saint Dominic de Guzman

August 8 O Victorious Lord, Saint Dominic, founder of the Dominican Order, worked hard to rescue people from the heresies in which they trusted, because he felt great pity for them.  When they failed to accept the truth, he grew discouraged, but the Blessed Mother appeared to him in a vision.  She showed him a …

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Saint Romanus

August 9 Dear Savior Jesus Christ, Saint Romanus was a Roman soldier who was impressed by the sanctity of Saint Lawrence when the latter refused to turn over the Church’s treasury to the empire.  As he watched Saint Lawrence endure his punishment with courage and love for his enemies, he asked to be baptized into …

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Saint Lawrence

August 10 Precious Lord, Saint Lawrence protected the Church’s money from the Roman Empire by giving it to the poor.  When the greedy prefect of Rome demanded the Church’s treasures, Saint Lawrence presented to him the poor and the sick, announcing, “This is the Church’s treasure!”  I ask him to pray for me to learn …

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Saint Clare

August 11 Holy Spirit, Saint Clare lived a very mystical and spiritually powerful life.  In her dying days, when she was unable to attend Mass, You brought the Mass to her by displaying it like a movie on her wall.  Thus she is now the patron saint of television.  I ask her to intercede for …

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Saint Porcarius

August 12 Our Father, the monastery in which Saint Porcarius lived was attacked by heathen invaders.  Knowing they were about to be slaughtered, the monks prayed together and encouraged each another to endure their suffering because of their love of Christ.  I ask them to intercede for those being persecuted today, including the unborn children …

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Saints Pontian and Hippolytus

August 13 O Sacred Jesus, Saint Hippolytus began his life in the Church as a heretic.  When Pope Pontian was sent into exile, Hippolytus replaced him.  He broke away from the Church and took many Catholics with him.  Later, they met and Hippolytus was so touched by the Pope’s humility, it converted him.  I ask …

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Saint Maximilian Kolbe

August 14 Dear Christ, Saint Maximilian Kolbe was imprisoned in Auschwitz where he ministered to the captives and celebrated Mass by consecrating bread and wine that had been smuggled in.  He was martyred after he voluntarily took the place of a young married prisoner condemned to die.  Since he’s the patron saint of drug addicts …

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The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

August 15 O Divine Father, the Blessed Virgin Mary was conceived pure in body in order to carry Your Son in her womb, and when her life on earth ended, You gave her a glorified body and raised her directly into Heaven.  I ask her to pray for my attitudes regarding my physical health; may …

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Saint Stephen of Hungary

August 16 O My Jesus, Saint Stephen was crowned by the pope as “the apostolic King of Hungary” because he worked hard to advance Your kingdom in his country.  He attributed his success as a righteous king and effective evangelist to the Blessed Mother, into whose protection he had entrusted his empire.  I ask him …

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Saint Clare of the Cross

August 17 Blessed Savior, although most of us prefer not to think about how painfully You suffered for us, Saint Clare continually reflected upon Your Passion.  So devoted was she to this that when she died, a cross was discovered emblazoned in the skin above her heart.  I ask her to pray for my understanding …

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Saint Helena

August 18 Dear Lord, the great emperor Constantine gave his mother, Saint Helena, the authority to promote Christianity by building churches throughout the empire and on the holy sites in Israel.  She is the patron saint of difficult marriages and divorced people because her husband divorced her for someone with better political connections.  I ask …

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Saint John Eudes

August 19 O Holy Spirit, Saint John was devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  After many years of preaching at parish missions, he came to the conclusion that the best way to bring people to Christ was to provide better spiritual formation for the priests, so that …

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Saint Bernard

August 20 Heavenly Father, Saint Bernard used to ask himself every morning, “Why have I come here?” and he answered, “To lead a holy life.”  I ask him to pray for me to turn my life more fully over to You.  I have heard You calling me, and I choose to follow where You lead.  …

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Saint Pius X

August 21 Holy Spirit, Saint Pius X is the pope who authorized children to receive Holy Communion and encouraged everyone to receive the Eucharist as often as possible.  During his papacy, he had many heavy responsibilities that increased in difficulty, and he relied on You, saying, “His Power is infinite, and if I lean on …

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Queenship of Mary

August 22 Dear God, the Feast Day of Mary Our Queen was instituted by Pope Pius XII to consecrate the whole human race to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  I ask our Holy Queen to renew this consecration.  Protect each person in this world as the precious child of God that we are.  Fight for …

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Saint Rose of Lima

August 23 Loving God, Saint Rose of Lima was a mystic and visionary who received invisible stigmata, and yet she often suffered from the feeling that You were distant.  Despite how lonely this felt, she persisted in believing that You were indeed with her all the time, and she continually prayed to grow stronger in …

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Saint Bartholomew

August 24 O Jesus, Saint Bartholomew’s greatest desire was to know the truth.  When first informed about You, his initial reaction was, “How can anything good come from Nazareth?”  But as soon as he met You, he wanted to become one of Your disciples.  You said of him, “Here is a man in whom there …

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Saint Joseph Calasanz

August 25 Holy Lord, Saint Joseph Calasanz highly esteemed those who gave spiritual instruction to children.  He believed that the highest calling is to help young ones attain eternal life.  I ask him to pray for catechists and parents as they direct their ministry to the well-being of the souls of children and teens.  Teach …

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Saint Elizabeth Bichier

August 26 Compassionate Lord, Saint Elizabeth Bichier founded the Daughters of the Cross to form a community that would educate children and care for the sick.  I ask her to pray for the programs that are dedicated to teaching children and ministering to the hospitalized, homebound, and dying.  Inspire those who are in charge of …

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Saint Monica

August 27 Blessed Lord, Saint Monica was the mother of Saint Augustine, and for many years prayed and cried and did penances for her son.  As a result, he became a Doctor of the Church and one of her greatest theologians.  She is the patron saint of alcoholics and children who disappoint their parents, so …

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Saint Augustine

August 28 Blessed Redeemer, when Saint Augustine was a young adult, he rejected his upbringing, converted to a false religion and lived immorally.  It was a lifestyle he did not want to give up, but he finally realized that nothing truly satisfied him except friendship with You.  He said, “Our hearts were made for You, …

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Beheading of John the Baptist

August 29 O Divine Savior, Saint John the Baptist was zealous in his preaching about the need to repent because he wanted everyone to be reconciled with You.  So strong was his conviction that he could not keep silent, even when he knew his honesty came with a cost.  I ask him to intercede for …

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Saint Fiacre

August 30 O Lord, Saint Fiacre was a holy hermit to whom people came in droves to learn more about the Christian Faith.  Concerned about their lack of food and shelter during their visits with him, he built a hospice and farmed the land to supply their needs.  I ask him to pray for farmers …

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Saint Raymond Nonnatus

August 31 Dear God, Saint Raymond Nonnatus spent his inheritance paying the ransom for Christians who had been enslaved and even traded himself to set others free.  Because he miraculously survived his birth as his mother died, he is a patron saint for pregnancies.  I ask him to pray for the safe delivery of the …

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