Saint Brigid of Ireland

February 1 Beloved Father, just before Saint Brigid of Ireland was born, her Christian mother was sold to a Druid landowner.  Even though she grew up oppressed as a slave, she found great joy in loving You.  As the patron saint of babies, she has a special concern for the gift of new life, so …

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The Holy Family

February 2 Heavenly Father, on this Feast day of The Holy Family, the Feast of Candlemas (the Presentation of Christ), I recall the gift Mary and Joseph gave to the world by offering baby Jesus to You in the temple.  I offer up to You all the children in my family.  I place them into …

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Saint Blaise

February 3 Lord Jesus Christ, Saint Blaise was a physician who served You, healing both humans and animals.  While imprisoned for his faith, he healed his fellow prisoners and saved a child who was choking on a fish bone.  Thus he became the patron saint of throat ailments, colds and viruses.  I ask him to …

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Saint Jane of Valois

February 4 O My Jesus, Saint Jane of Valois was born with deformities and she suffered from illnesses throughout her life.  Yet she refused to give into discouragement, and at a very young age she became devoted to the Blessed Mother.  Later, she helped found a religious order whose chief rule was to imitate the …

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Saint Agatha

February 5 Loving God, while Saint Agatha was being tortured for her faith, You interrupted her agonies with an earthquake.  She thanked You for bringing an end to her pain and passed immediately into Heaven as a blessed martyr.   I lift up to You my home and family, workplace and co-workers, church and community.  Through …

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Saints Paul Miki and Companions

February 6 Blessed Redeemer, Saints Paul Miki and companions were crucified together because of their faith in You.  I offer to You the crosses in my life.  Use them for the salvation of the people around me who don’t yet know You, especially those who are in my family.  Help me to endure this sacrifice …

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Blessed Giles Mary-of-Saint-Joseph

February 7 O Generous God, Blessed Giles Mary-of-Saint-Joseph served as a lowly porter in a monastery.  He accepted his work with humility out of devotion to You.  When assigned the responsibility of distributing food and alms to the poor, he gave generously yet never ran out, thanks to the aid of Saint Joseph.  Blessed Giles, …

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Saint Jerome Emiliani

February 8 Dear Holy Spirit, Saint Jerome Emiliani founded three orphanages, a shelter for repentant prostitutes, and a hospital.  I lift up to you the orphans, foster children, and abandoned people in my town and nation.  I especially ask Saint Jerome to intercede for the children and teenagers who do not have both parents embracing …

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Saint Sabinus

February 9 Almighty King, Saint Sabinus served You as an ambassador for a pope.  You have called me to be an ambassador for Your Kingdom.  Help me to represent You well.  Teach me how to speak boldly and to reveal Your Kingdom of love by loving everyone unconditionally.  I ask Saint Sabinus to pray for …

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Saint Scholastica

February 10 O Beloved Jesus, Saint Scholastica enjoyed spending hour upon hour talking with family and friends about the nature of God and the joys of spiritual growth.  She found so much energy in this activity that she would continue all night long!  I submit to You, O Lord, all of my conversations.  May I …

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Our Lady of Lourdes

February 11 Divine Jesus, you sent Our Lady of Lourdes, the Blessed Mother Mary, to Saint Bernadette to show the world that God is real.  Just like Mary asked to the girl to dig for a spring of healing water to appear, show me how to be cleansed of my sinful tendencies.  Give to me …

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Saint Julian

February 12 Beloved Lord, Saint Julian spent his life caring for the poor as a sacrifice for inadvertently killing his parents.  He is the patron saint of circus workers, innkeepers, travelers, and murderers.  I ask him to pray for all those in the entertainment industry so that they grow in a desire to use their …

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Saint Martinian the Hermit

February 13 Lord Jesus, Saint Martinian the hermit was determined in remembering the consequences of sin. Help me to overcome the temptations of the world.  I want to be as determined as Saint Martinian the hermit was.  When he was being strongly tempted by a beautiful woman seducing him, he lit a fire and put …

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Saints Cyril and Methodius

February 14 Blessed Lord, Saints Cyril and Methodius were brothers who worked successfully to convert pagans.  Saint Cyril’s special prayer was: “I return to You, Your people, Your gift to me.  Direct them with Your powerful right hand, and protect them under the shadow of Your wings.”  I ask both of these saints to pray …

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Saint Sigfrid

February 15 Dear Father, Saint Sigfrid’s nephews were beheaded by pagans, but when his king decided to execute the murderers, he stood up against capital punishment, and their lives were spared.  I lift up to You all the people on Death Row; may they experience Your forgiveness and the pardon of the people they offended.  …

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Saint Onesimus

February 16 Blessed Jesus, in the New Testament Letter to Philemon, it says that his slave Onesimus had run away as a thief, met Saint Paul, and received forgiveness.  I give to You my own desire to run.  When my reputation has been slandered by people who misunderstand me, who are prejudiced against me, and …

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The Seven Founders of the Order of Servites of Mary

February 17 Holy God,  The Seven Founders of the Order of Servites of Mary were businessmen who followed Christ in fellowship—praying together, learning together, becoming more like Jesus together.  They  formed a community apart from the world.  I lift up to You all my Christian friendships. Build unity within the Christian communities to which I …

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Saint Bernadette of Lourdes

February 18 Gracious God, the incorruptible body of Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, though she died in 1858, remains undeteriorated,  a testament to her holiness and Your desire to protect our bodies from destruction.  Because of her compassion, which she learned from life-long sicknesses and mistreatments, I ask her to intercede for all the people I …

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Saint Barbatus of Benevento

February 19 Mighty Lord, Saint Barbatus of Benevento was a priest with great zeal who fought against the superstitious beliefs of pagans.  Though his own parishioners would not listen to him, the pagans did, renounced their sinful ways, and converted to the true Faith.  Bless my own understanding of the supernatural.  Teach me what is …

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Saint Amata of Assisi

February 20 Heavenly Father, when she was young, Saint Amata of Assisi rejected You and rebelled against morality.  Eventually her aunt, Saint Clare of Assisi, converted her and brought the girl into her religious order.  I lift up to you all the teenagers I know; guide them to true wisdom, which comes from the Holy …

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Saint Peter Damian

February 21 O Holy Spirit, Saint Peter Damian was a professor who became a monk and actively fought corruption.  I ask Saint Peter to intercede for all the teachers of our children and the college professors of our young adults.  Make them sensitive to the falsehoods that corrupt the soul and give them a desire …

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Saint Peter the Apostle

February 22 Lord Jesus Christ, You gave Saint Peter the Apostle his name to signify that he was the rock upon which You would build Your Church.  I ask him to pray for our pope, bishops, priests, deacons, religious brothers and sisters, ministers, and laity who are in positions of Church leadership.  Help them to …

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Saint Polycarp

February 23 Heavenly Father, Saint Polycarp was part of the first generation of Christians who met Jesus not by direct experience but by Sacred Tradition.  He told his community to “follow the example of the Lord, ‘firm and unchangeable in faith, loving each other, united in truth,’ helping each other with the mildness of the …

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Saint Luke Belludi

February 24 My Dear Savior, Saint Luke Belludi traveled with Saint Anthony of Padua and assisted him in ministry.  He also took care of his friend when the latter was dying.  I ask him to intercede for all those of my family and friends and community who are in need of or will someday need …

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Saint Walburga

February 25 Blessed Redeemer, Saint Walburga evangelized and healed pagans very successfully.  However, after her death, pagans began to connect her name with witchcraft, and May 1st became a satanic feast still honored today as Walpurgisnacht.  I ask this saint to pray for the conversion of witches, satanists, and other pagans.  Set them free from …

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Saint Isabel of France

February 26 Lord Jesus, Saint Isabel of France was the daughter of a king, but this did not make her haughty.  Since early childhood, she had an extraordinary desire for piety, modesty, and other virtues.  She persisted in remaining solely dedicated to You, despite the opinions and advice of others.  I ask her to pray …

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Saint Anne Line

February 27 Holy God, Saint Anne Line converted to Catholicism at a time when people were arrested for this.  She fearlessly helped others survive the persecutions, and her home became a rallying point for Catholics.  Fully aware of the possible cost to her life, she hid a priest and held Mass in her home, but …

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Saint Romanus of Condat

February 28 Jesus Lamb of God, You healed two lepers through Saint Romanus of Condat because he embraced them.  I ask him to intercede for those in my family and community who are outcasts because of their illnesses, including those with HIV and AIDS.  Send humble people into their lives like Saint Romanus who will …

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Saint Oswald

February 29 Lord, you entrusted  Saint Oswald to be a wise and good king of Anglo-Saxton Northumbria. He realized that much help was needed to restore Christianity to his country and that he could not do it alone. You inspired and guided him to instigate and support missionary efforts by the Irish monk Aidan of …

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