Mary, Mother of God

January 1 The Mother of God, Blessed Virgin Mary,  starts off with her blessing the new year for we, her children. Heavenly Father, You blessed the Virgin Mary, Mother of God,  with the fullness of grace. She is my model of faith, hope, and love.  I give this new year to her intercession and ask …

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Saints Basil the Great and Gregory Nazianzen

January 2 Dear Jesus, Saints Basil the Great and Saint Gregory Nazianzen were dear friends, united in love for You.  Inspired by their example, I want to grow in my friendship with You.  Bless every alliance in which I’m involved, and if any are not of You, remove them from me.  I ask Saints Basil …

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Saint Genevieve

January 3 Lord God, Saint Genevieve was a small child when she decided to devote her life to You.  She allowed nothing to interfere.  Like her, I want to have an enthusiastic and single-minded heart for You.  Pray, Saint Genevieve, that I become aware of the times I’m double-minded.  Help me, O Lord, to serve …

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Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

January 4 O my Savior Jesus, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton was a mother and an educator, and devoted her life to children.  Because of her great love for them, I ask her to join me in praying for all the children in my life—those in my family, those I teach, those I know through friendships, …

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Saint John Neumann

January 5 Father God, Saint John Neumann worked tirelessly to spread the Gospel.  I lift up to his intercession the country in which I live.  With Saint John Neumann, I pray that You, O God, will reign as King and that the salvation of Your Son, Jesus Christ, will rescue those who are headed for …

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Saint Melchior

January 6 Dear God in Heaven, Saint Melchior was one of the Magi who traveled far from home in order to find You in the newborn king.  I place into Your protection all the journeys I will be making this year—the trips I have to take, the vacations I plan, the errands I run, and …

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Saint Raymond of Penyafort

January 7 Lord Jesus, Saint Raymond of Penyafort was a wonderful Confessor because he had great compassion for sinners.  I ask for his intercession in my efforts to become more and more like You every day.  I want to overcome my sinfulness, but it is so difficult.  Give me the courage to identify what needs …

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The Sacred Wounds

January 8 Jesus Christ, my Savior and Lord, through your sacred wounds, You died painfully on the Cross for me so that I may be reconciled with God my Father.  I am a sinner and He is Perfect Love; remove my sins and reunite me with Him.  In memory of Your Sacred Wounds, I give …

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Saint Adrian of Canterbury

January 9 O Holy Spirit, Saint Adrian of Canterbury was a highly successful missionary in pagan England, and a great teacher of Bible study.  I ask for his same gift of explaining the Faith and understanding the teachings of the Church and the Sacred Scriptures.  Anoint me with Your Truth, so that I may be …

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The Father of Love

January 10 God is The Father of Love.  I admit that I don’t fully understand what this means.  I lift up to Your Perfect Heart my openness to receive Your love more fully and my willingness to give out this love—to You and to others—more freely.  I want to love no matter how illogical it …

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The Spirit of Truth

January 11 Holy Spirit, Giver of Life, Spirit of Truth, I offer to You the life that the Father has given to me.  I want to live in the Truth.  Purify me from everything that is not Truth.  I also lift up to You all my family and friends, co-workers of the past, present and …

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Saint Benedict Biscop

January 12 God my Creator, after Saint Benedict made a pilgrimage to Rome, he added Roman elements of worship to English liturgies and thus became the patron saint of musicians and painters.  I seek his intercession for the musicians at church, the people in charge of liturgical environment, and the creative thinkers who offer ideas …

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Saint Hilary of Poitiers

January 13 Jesus my Lord, Saint Hilary of Poitiers was an avid defender of Your divinity, because many were claiming that You were only human.  Increase in me the desire to be a witness of Your Divine Presence in my life.  Teach me how to reveal to others that You truly are God, truly are …

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Saint Macrina the Elder

January 14 Generous God, as a testament of Saint Macrina the elder’s great holiness and loving devotion to family, two of her grandchildren became saints: Basil, whom she raised, and Gregory of Nyssa.  I place into her intercession my own grandchildren—be they born or unborn, of my flesh or spiritual.  Guard them against financial poverty …

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Saint Paul the Hermit

January 15 Mighty Lord, Saint Paul the hermit was raised with the luxuries of an upper-class family, a good education, and Christian parents.  But his life took a dramatic turn at age fifteen when his parents died.  To escape persecution, he made the desert his home, survived on fruit and water, wore only leaves for …

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Saint Berard

January 16 Jesus My Lord, Saint Berard was assigned the task of converting the Muslims in Morocco.  There, he began preaching in the marketplace, which got him arrested and beaten.  When he refused to renounce You, the sultan beheaded him.  I seek his intercession for my courage and willingness to go where You lead me …

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Saint Anthony the Abbot

January 17 Dear God in Heaven, Saint Anthony the Abbot renounced the world to attach himself only to You.  I ask for his prayers in my process of growing more in love with You.  Help me to deny myself and detach from this world.  I also lift up to his prayers all the people I …

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Saint Charles of Sezze

January 18 Sweet Jesus, Saint Charles of Sezze knew what it meant to have a lowly job.  As a child, he worked as a shepherd, and as a Franciscan lay brother, he served in a variety of menial positions at friaries, doing whatever was asked of him.  In this, he discovered great joy and a …

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Saint Marguerite Bourgeous

January 19 O Holy Spirit, Saint Marguerite Bourgeous gave away her inheritance to family members and departed for Canada, where she founded the Congregation of Notre Dame.  She helped people survive when food was scarce, opened a vocational school, and taught young people how to run a home and farm.  Holy Spirit, I give to …

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Saint Fabian

January 20 Blessed Jesus, Saint Fabian was filled with zeal and wisdom. As a layman and farmer, he entered Rome on the day a new pope was being elected.  By God’s design, a dove flew into the proceedings and landed on his head, an obvious sign that God had anointed him to serve as pope.  …

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Saint Agnes of Rome

January 21 Christ Jesus, Saint Agnes of Rome was only a teenager when she had to decide between life and dying for You.  She had been ordered to sacrifice her virginity to pagan gods, and she sacrificed her life instead.  Since she is the patron saint of engaged couples, I ask her to intercede for …

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Saint Vincent of Saragossa

January 22 Holy God, Saint Vincent of Saragossa served You as a permanent deacon and gave his whole life and soul to You, even to the point of becoming a martyr.  I lift up to You the deacons of the Church and all those who are being called by God to become deacons.  Guide them …

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Saint John the Almsgiver

January 23 Generous God, Saint John the Almsgiver used to say: “If we are able to enter the church day and night and implore God to hear our prayers, how careful we should be to hear and grant the petitions of our neighbor in need.”  Transform my attitude toward the poor and all those who …

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Saint Francis de Sales

January 24 Lord Jesus, when You told Saint Francis de Sales to “Leave all and follow Me,” he developed a life of devotion to You, self-discipline, prayer, and kindness toward all.  Now he is the patron saint of authors, the Catholic press, and journalists.  I seek his intercession for all writers and publishers, especially those …

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Saint Paul the Apostle

January 25 Loving Savior, on this the Feast Day of Saint Paul the Apostle, I ask for a share in his passionate enthusiasm for spreading the Gospel.  You saved him from the belief that Christians were heretics; help me to resist judging and persecuting others out of a lack of understanding their beliefs, and teach …

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Saints Timothy and Titus

January 26 God Our Father, Saints Timothy and Titus were Paul’s disciples, as well as his close personal friends and partners in evangelization.  I offer up to You my calling to share the salvation of Jesus.  Help me to grow in courage to evangelize boldly and confidently.  Bring into my life friends who will partner …

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Saint Angela Merici

January 27 Healing Lord, during a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Saint Angela Merici experienced a major devastation; she became blind.  Yet she insisted on continuing the pilgrimage with devotion and enthusiasm.  In my journey through this world, and in the journeys of everyone I know—especially the handicapped and disabled—help us to continue onward when …

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Saint Thomas Aquinas

January 28 Spirit of Wisdom, Saint Thomas Aquinas’ family misunderstood his devotion to studying the Faith.  Because of their disapproval, he had to join the Dominicans secretly.  His family kidnapped him, intent on changing his mind, but his trust in You kept his hope alive.  A year later, You freed him to rejoin the friars.  …

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Saint Aquilinus of Milan

January 29 Loving Father, Saint Aquilinus of Milan became a traveling preacher instead of accepting a high church office.  Serving God’s people was more important to him than status and power.  I accept the position in life to which You have called me.  Help me to be content with doing Your work in my home, …

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Saint Aldegundis

January 30 Compassionate Lord, Saint Aldegundis had a special concern for those suffering with cancer.  I ask him to intercede for me, my family and friends, that we may remain free from cancer.  If any of us are struck with this disease, I ask him to pray for our healing.  Lord Jesus, help us to …

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Saint John Bosco

January 31 Sweet Savior, Saint John Bosco had a powerful love and tender heart for youth.  I lift up to You the children and teenagers in my life.  Protect them; lead them away from the temptations of the world and hold them tight in Your arms. When Saint John Bosco was a boy, he performed …

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