Saint Justin Martyr

June 1 Dear Savior, Saint Justin Martyr struggled with his intellect in order to find You.  He had studied various philosophies, filling his mind with many ideas that were contrary to Christianity, and this made it difficult for him to accept the Faith.  But once converted, he wrote strong defenses of Christian beliefs.  I ask …

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Saints Marcellinus and Peter

June 2 Beloved Lord Jesus, Saints Marcellinus and Peter were martyred during the early persecutions, but they faced their deaths with remarkable serenity.  This amazing attitude proved to the pagans that there was something about You, which none of their gods could provide.  O Lord, help me to experience Your peace no matter what is …

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Saint Charles Lwanga and Companions

June 3 Dear Jesus, Saint Charles Lwanga and his companions were the first twenty-two black martyrs of Uganda, Africa.  Many of them had been baptized only a short time before risking their lives in faithfulness to You.  I ask them to pray for an increase in my loyalty to You, my Savior.  Inspire me to …

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Saint Quirinus

June 4 Mighty Jesus, Saint Quirinus was ordered to sacrifice to pagan gods, and when he insisted that the gods were really demons, he was severely beaten and thrown into the river with a millstone tied around his neck.  Since he’s the patron saint for people who are victims of obsession, possession and battles against …

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Saint Boniface

June 5 Our Father in Heaven, Saint Boniface left everything that was familiar to him to evangelize the German tribes and reorganize the Church in France.  He traveled continuously, always dealing with change.  I lift up to You my comfort zone and ask him to intercede for me whenever I am challenged to move into …

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Saint Norbert

June 6 O Jesus Savior, Saint Norbert chose the priesthood because it seemed to be a good career move, but You changed his heart.  A dramatic escape from death convinced him to take his vows seriously, and he began a new life of penance.  He devoted his time to teaching priests and increasing their holiness.  …

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Saint Anthony Mary Gianelli

June 7 God Our Father, as a bishop, Saint Anthony Mary Gianelli founded the Missionaries of Saint Alphonsus.  I ask him to pray for my bishop and all the projects in which my diocese is involved, especially those devoted to evangelization and missionary work.  Help the people of our diocese increase their generosity toward these …

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Saint Medard

June 8 Jesus My Lord, Saint Medard served as a bishop during very difficult times, and his long life of spiritual leadership created a tremendous impression on the people.  Because of his patronage against bad weather, I ask him to intercede for me during the storms of my life as well as the storms in …

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Saint Ephrem

June 9 O Lord Jesus Christ, Saint Ephrem was gifted as a poet, and he used this talent to teach religious truths, earning the nickname “Harp of the Holy Spirit.”   I ask him to pray for the proper use of my talents, and I dedicate them to Your kingdom, to be used according to Your …

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Saint Getulius

June 10 Blessed Redeemer, Saint Getulius was a convert who resigned his commission as a Roman officer and fled to another country.  When the emperor sent an official to arrest him and bring him back, the saint and his brother converted the soldier.  I ask him to pray for those who try to change my …

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Saint Barnabas

June 11 Most Holy Spirit, Saint Barnabas was converted shortly after Pentecost, and he gave up all his possessions in order to detach from the world and follow the way of Christ to Heaven.  His helpful, compassionate and optimistic nature inspired other new Christians, including Saint Paul.  I ask him to pray for my attitudes.  …

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Saint John of Sahagun

June 12 Heavenly Lord, Saint John of Sahagun was not afraid to correct the evils around him, even when the evildoers were powerful people who were likely to take revenge.  He could do this because of the graces he received through his prayer life and from attending Mass.  I ask him to pray that I …

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Saint Anthony of Padua

June 13 Sweet Jesus, Saint Anthony of Padua was always a ready helper in time of need.  Though he preferred to live as a hermit, leaving his cave only to attend Mass and sweep the nearby monastery, he filled in for a scheduled speaker who failed to keep his commitment.  Afterward, he had to travel …

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Saint Methodius of Constantinople

June 14 Loving God, Saint Methodius of Constantinople worked hard to unify and reconcile opposing sides within the Church.  He traveled to Rome to seek the Pope’s help, but during his absence he was exiled.  Seven years later, he returned home and continued to work for unity.  I ask him to pray for the Christian …

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Saint Vitus

June 15 Precious Savior, Saint Vitus worked many miracles in Your name and refused to sacrifice to the gods.  After he was arrested, You freed him from prison with a storm that destroyed the pagan temples, and You gave him an angel who led him back home.  He is the patron saint of actors, comedians, …

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Saint Lutgardis

June 16 O Jesus, Saint Lutgardis had a deep prayer life that led to a special devotion for Your sacred wounds.  In her late teens she received her first vision, and later during ecstasies, blood sometimes dripped from her forehead.  I ask her to obtain for me through her prayers a higher level of devotion …

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Saint Botulph

June 17 Blessed Holy Spirit, Saint Botulph is the patron saint of Boston, because he founded a monastery in the old country in a place that came to be called “Botulph’s town” or “Botolphston” and this later was shortened to “Boston”.  He was widely known as being blessed with Your grace.   I ask him to …

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Saint Elizabeth of Schönau

June 18 My Lord Jesus Christ, Saint Elizabeth of Schönau was a visionary favored with ecstasies and prophesies.  Daily, she received visits either from You, the Virgin Mary, angels, or the saint of the day, receiving instructions for her spiritual growth.  Because of this, she was often assaulted by demonic forces, and now is the …

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Saint Romuald

June 19 O Loving God, Saint Romuald chose to die in solitude after a lifetime of devoting himself to You as a hermit.  I ask him to pray for me whenever I am alone.  Help me, dear Lord, to let go of the idea that people are to be my source of happiness.  Teach me …

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Saint Alban

June 20 Heavenly Father, Saint Alban was converted by a priest whom he sheltered from persecutions and rescued by changing clothes with him.  As the patron saint of converts, I ask him to pray with me for all the people I know who have not yet converted.  O Lord, remove from their lives all the …

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Saint Aloysius Gonzaga

June 21 Holy God, Saint Aloysius Gonzaga, at age 16, gave up his inherited right to be a prince so that he could grow in sanctity through the Jesuit discipline.  He died young, at age 23, because he contracted a disease from the sick people he had helped.  Now he is the patron saint of …

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Saint Paulinus of Nola

June 22 Beloved Lord, Saint Paulinus of Nola used his position as a Roman Consul to accumulate great wealth, but this did not satisfy him.  In his yearning to find You, he gave away all his possessions to the poor.  Then You called him to become a bishop, and he used that position to help …

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Saint Etheldreda

June 23 Dear Father, Saint Etheldreda used to enjoy showing off her wealth by wearing lavish jewelry.  After her conversion, she lived an austere life, and when she developed an enormous and unsightly tumor on her neck, she gratefully accepted it as a penance for all the necklaces she had worn when she’d been so …

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Birth of John the Baptist

June 24 O Savior Jesus, at time of the birth of John the Baptist,  his father Zechariah was ministering in the temple, when an angel brought him news that his elderly wife Elizabeth would bear a child and that this boy would be filled with the Holy Spirit.  But Zechariah doubted, and because of this …

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Saint Prosper

June 25 Holy Spirit, Saint Prosper was widely known for his work in converting heretics.  He convinced them of the truth by increasing their understanding and compassionately educating them about their mistakes.  I ask him to pray for the people today who hold wrong beliefs and misunderstandings about abortion, euthanasia, sexual activities, occult powers, birth …

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Saint Anthelm

June 26 God of Heaven, Saint Anthelm strayed from You when he got caught up in Church politics, seeking leadership positions to increase his power and authority.  However, during a visit to a monastery, the attitude of service he witnessed changed his heart.  Resigning from his office, he joined that monastery.  I ask him to …

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Saint Cyril of Alexandria

June 27 Holy Jesus, Saint Cyril of Alexandria defended the Blessed Virgin Mary’s title as Mother of God, at a time when there was much persecution against her.  He called her “Hail, Mary, Mother of God, venerable treasure of the whole universe.”  I ask him to pray for my own relationship with the Blessed Mother.  …

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Saint Irenaeus of Lyons

June 28 Faithful Jesus, Saint Irenaeus of Lyons was privileged to be a student of Saint Polycarp, who had been a disciple of Saint John the Apostle.  He said: “I listened to Saint Polycarp’s instructions very carefully.  I wrote down his actions and his words, not on paper, but on my heart.”  I ask him …

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Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles

June 29 Blessed Redeemer, the Apostles Peter and Paul were leaders and models in strengthening the faith of the infant Church, and I ask them to pray for my faith to grow strong.  Saint Paul wrote in his second letter to Saint Timothy, “I remind you to stir into flame the gift of God that …

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First Martyrs of the Church of Rome

June 30 O Jesus Christ, the first martyrs of the Church of Rome were unnamed Christians who were brutally killed by Nero.  They were forced to wear animal skins and hunted, and they were made into living torches to brighten the road on which Nero traveled.  I ask these martyrs to pray for me when …

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