Saint David of Wales

March 1 O Holy Spirit, Saint David of Wales received a vision from Jesus that sent him to Jerusalem where anti-Christian sentiment was strong.  By relying on You, he preached so powerfully that he converted many who had been attacking the Faith.  I seek his intercession for the people in my life who fight against …

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Saint Agnes of Prague

March 2 O God of abundant blessings, You made Saint Agnes of Prague very wealthy, and she freely used this gift to help the poor.  She financed a hospital, a Franciscan friary and a Poor Clare convent.  She never considered herself as above others, and even after she became abbess, she cooked for the sisters …

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Saint Chad

March 3 Blessed Savior, when Saint Chad became a bishop, he put tremendous effort into understanding ecclesiastical truth and maintaining purity of doctrine.  He devoted much time to the activities of humility and self-sacrifice.  When he traveled, he went by foot rather than by horseback, in imitation of  the apostles.  This spirituality made his preaching …

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Saint Casimir of Poland

March 4 Mighty Father, Saint Casimir of Poland was the son of a king and held the high office of Grand Duke.  He hated luxury and the temptations of the flesh.  He secretly did many penances to keep himself focused on the growth of his spirit.  I ask him to intercede for all persons in …

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Saint John Joseph of the Cross

March 5 O Divine Lord, the holiness of Saint John Joseph of the Cross revealed itself in the gifts of prophecy, healing, ecstasies, levitating in prayer, and bi-location.  Because of his reputation, his superiors put him in charge of establishing a new friary even before he was ordained.  In awe of this responsibility, he humbly …

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Saint Colette

March 6 Most Holy Jesus, when Saint Colette was born, her parents were nearly sixty years old and she became an orphan at seventeen.  I lift up to You all those who have experienced the death of one or more of their parents, especially the little children.  I ask Saint Colette to pray that they …

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Saints Perpetua and Felicity

March 7 Compassionate Savior, Saints Perpetua and Felicity are the patron saints of  expectant moms, young mothers, women wanting to become pregnant, and children who die prematurely.  I ask them to intercede for all the mothers—present and future—who are in my life.  O Jesus, heal those who have lost children and those unable to bear …

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Saint John of God

March 8 Holy Lord, Saint John of God overflowed with compassion and loved doing good for others.  I ask him to intercede for the people who have been abandoned by society, those who work in hospitals and their patients, alcoholics and others who have addictions, and the dying.  Lord God, send caring people to those …

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Saint Frances of Rome

March 9 Gentle Holy Spirit, Saint Frances of Rome was a good wife, and yet her husband ridiculed her.  I give to You all the married Christian women I know.  May their faith become a great witness to their husbands.  Replace arguments and division with peace and unity.  Bless the husbands with a fuller understanding …

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Blessed John of Vallombrosa

March 10 Dear Jesus, Blessed John of Vallombrosa chose the name John of the Holy Trinity when he entered religious life. He began to lose his faith in You when he became fascinated by black magic. He practiced it in secret and collected occult writings until he was caught. The abbot-general sentenced him to solitary …

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Saint Eulogius of Spain

March 11 Dear Jesus, Saint Eulogius of Spain loved to read the Bible, and spent much time studying it.  When he was thrown into prison because of his faith, he quoted from the Bible to encourage the other Christian prisoners.  As they listened, they overcame their fear of dying for You.  I offer to You …

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Saint Seraphina

March 12 Divine Father, Saint Seraphina was the victim of disease and neglect, and suffered continuously.  I ask her to intercede for the disabled and handicapped people of my church, my neighborhood, my family and friends, including both the physically challenged and the emotionally wounded.  Remind us to offer up our sufferings for the healing …

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Saint Euphrasia

March 13 God of Vocations, when Saint Euphrasia was a little girl, she lived near a convent and became fascinated by the nuns.  She pleaded with her mother for permission to move into the convent, and was handed over to the tutelage of the abbess.  Later, she became a nun and joyfully spent the rest …

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Saint Matilda of Saxony

March 14 O My Savior, though Saint Matilda of Saxony married a king, she did not lord it over others.  She often visited the sick and imprisoned.  Her husband learned much from her holiness, taking greater interest in the needs of his people and using his power to ease their suffering.  I give to You, …

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Saint Louise de Marillac

March 15 O Gracious God, Saint Louise de Marillac devoted her life to helping Saint Vincent de Paul serve the needs of the poor.  She often taught: “Be diligent in serving the poor.  Love the poor, honor them, as you would honor Christ Himself.”   I lift up to You the programs in my church and …

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Saint Aristobulus

March 16 Lord Jesus, Saint Aristobulus was one of the 72 disciples You commissioned to go out and spread the Good News of the Kingdom of God, with power to heal and cast out demons.  I offer to You my own calling.  Replace my feelings of inadequacy with trust in the Holy Spirit.  Teach me …

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Saint Patrick

March 17 Almighty God, Saint Patrick served You in Ireland because he had been kidnapped and shipped there as a slave.  You brought endless good out of the evil committed against him, so I ask Saint Patrick to pray for the Irish people—those born in Ireland and those of Irish descent, and to pray for …

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Saint Cyril of Jerusalem

March 18 O Dear Christ, Saint Cyril of Jerusalem was the bishop of Jerusalem when the persecutions ended and great heresies began.  This new enemy tried to force him to accept false teachings about the Church, but he stood firm.  When anti-Christians tried to prove that You were wrong in Your prophecies, his confidence came …

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Saint Joseph

March 19 Holy God, you chose Saint Joseph to care for Mary and Jesus because his holiness and love for You was great, his compassion for others was outstanding, and his desire to protect and provide for his family was honorable.  I ask St. Joseph to intercede for all the men in my family.  May …

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Saint Ambrose of Siena

March 20 Heavenly King, Saint Ambrose of Siena was born with painful birth defects, and the only place the baby felt peace was at church.  When he grew old enough to talk, he uttered the name “Jesus” and all deformity disappeared.  He began to meditate during the night, and at age two, he chose hearing …

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Saint Serapion the Scholastic

March 21 O Jesus, Saint Serapion the Scholastic often said: “The mind is purified by holy meditation and prayer, the spiritual passions of the soul by charity, and the irregular appetites by abstinence and penance.”  I ask him to intercede for me in my efforts of self-purification.  Inspire me to do penances that will help …

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Saint Deogratias

March 22 Holy Spirit of God, Saint Deogratias was a bishop who bought slaves in order to free them, using money he raised by selling church goods.  He found homes for them when he could, and housed the rest in large churches, purchasing supplies to get them started in their new life.  Give me, too, …

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Saint Turibius of Mogrovejo

March 23 God of Love, Saint Turibius of Mogrovejo had an unwavering desire to build his parish into a community of believers who imitate Christ.  When he was asked to become an archbishop, he refused the honor, but when he learned about the poor condition of the people in the archdiocese, he took the position …

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Saint Catherine of Sweden

March 24 Jesus My Lord, Saint Catherine of Sweden served you with her mother Saint Bridget by organizing pilgrimages to Jerusalem and other places to stimulate people’s spiritual growth.  In between pilgrimages, they spent their time in prayer and meditation, ministering to the poor and instructing them in religion.  Show me what opportunities I have …

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The Annunciation

March 25 Holy Spirit, at the Annunciation, You spoke to Mary through an angel to invite her to participate in the plan of salvation.  Though she questioned how it was possible for her to become the mother of the Messiah, and she knew she faced rejection from Joseph and others, she gave You her yes.  …

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Saint Ludger

March 26 Most Gracious God, Saint Ludger poured all his energy into his priestly ministry and delighted in teaching about You.  He spoke to anyone who would listen, any time he would find an opportunity.  O Lord, take away my laziness and lack of enthusiasm.  I ask Saint Ludger to intercede for me, that I …

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Saint John of Egypt

March 27 Generous God, Saint John of Egypt was a hermit who made himself available to people who needed spiritual help.  Many people, including the emperor, sought his counsel.  He could prophesy the future, look into people’s souls, read their thoughts, and heal them through the use of blessed oil.  I ask him to pray …

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Saint Guntramnus

March 28 Jesus Lord of Unity, Saint Guntramnus was a peacemaker.  He strictly and justly enforced the law, regardless of a person’s rank or status or situation, but when it came to crimes against himself, he forgave the offenders, even after two attempted assassinations.  I lift up to his intercession the victims of war crimes …

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Saint Jeanne Marie de Maille

March 29 Jesus Lamb of God, Saint Jeanne Marie de Maille is the patron for abuse victims.  I lift up to You all the wounded ones in my family, church, neighborhood and circle of friendships.  I also lift up to You their abusers.  Saint Jeanne Marie, intercede for each one.  Embrace them, Lord.  Give them …

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Saint John Climacus

March 30 O Powerful Jesus, at the beginning of Saint John Climacus’ ministry, he was severely tempted by the devil. By placing all of his trust in You and spending much time in prayer, he resisted the sins and grew in holiness.  When people asked for his help in overcoming the difficult traps of sin, …

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Saint Balbina

March 31 Dear God, Saint Balbina was regarded as an example of Your grace manifested here in this world.  In the guidebooks given to pilgrims at the Roman catacombs, his tomb was listed as a place to pray for the gift of grace.  I, too, ask her to intercede for me, that I may grow …

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